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Updated 08/09/99


General Information - Please direct this page to Programming

The 99/00 Season (Syndication Barter Period, Year One) of STAR TREK: VOYAGER runs 09/13/99 through 09/10/00.

The STAR TREK: VOYAGER license terms begins with a barter period, the length of which will depend on the number of seasons produced. The license terms also includes a non-barter period, which will begin immediately after completion of the barter period. Information on servicing of the non-barter period will be made available prior to its commencement.

STAR TREK: VOYAGER is a one-hour show. It will be delivered on a "Stripped Basis" airing 5 days a week Monday through Friday, or as a single Weekend episode. Delivery will be via satellite; stations may not library STAR TREK: VOYAGER during the barter period. Satellite information follows on the next page.

All barter period scheduling of STAR TREK: VOYAGER is done by Paramount. Two schedules will be provided: a Strip schedule and a Weekend schedule. Stations will still be responsible for tracking plays and maintaining accurate usage on file at the station (do not send in usage.) Stations are required to air STAR TREK: VOYAGER, in either Strip or Weekend version, at all times during the barter period. Stations may not air the Strip and the Weekend during the same week.

For servicing reasons, stations need to contact both Program Lineups and Broadcast Services whenever switching between Strip and Weekend airings.

Year one of the barter period will include the first five seasons of STAR TREK: VOYAGER. 116 episodes will be scheduled initially, with 4 being held back for additional network runs; these four will most likely be scheduled for syndication later in the season.

STAR TREK: VOYAGER will be rated by Paramount and will include a TV Ratings icon and any necessary content codes. A complete ratings list will be sent when available.

Contact Information for STAR TREK: VOYAGER:

Advertising & Promotion 323-956-xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx; Synopses, episodics
Program Lineups 323-956-xxxx Makegoods, preemptions, time changes
Globecast 310-845-xxxx Satellite trouble number
Broadcast Services 323-956-xxxx Formats, schedules, tape orders, satellite feed and general information

Please contact Paramount Broadcast Services at 323-956-xxxx with any questions.


Updated 08/09/99


General Information - Please direct this page to Programming and Master Control

Satellite Information for Strip Episodes:

Each of the five weekly STAR TREK: VOYAGER Strip episodes is fed twice. The feeds are three business days before air, i.e. Monday's episode feeds twice on the preceding Wednesday. Tuesday's episode feeds twice on the preceding Thursday, etc.

Feeds begin Wednesday 09/08/99.

Monday-Friday 2:00 am - 3:00 am Eastern (0200-0300 ET)
Telstar 6, Transponder 12
Monday-Friday 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Eastern (1800-1900 ET)
Telstar 6, Transponder 12

Satellite Information for Weekend Episode:

There are two feeds for the Weekend episode. The feeds are on the Tuesday before the weekend of air.

Feeds begin Tuesday 09/14/99.

Tuesdays 3:00 am - 4:00 am Eastern (0300-0400 ET)
Telstar 6, Transponder 12
Tuesdays 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm Eastern (2100-2200 ET)
Telstar 6, Transponder 12

Audio on all feeds is 6.2 left; 6.8 right and 5.8 mono.
STAR TREK: VOYAGER is closed captioned and in stereo.

Episodes are fed with the national spots already integrated and pulled-up local blacks; you must recue your tape.

If you are experiencing problems during a feed, please call Globecast at 310-845-xxxx. If you need to schedule a refeed, contact Globecast. The cost is $480 per hour, $250 per 1/2 hour, and $135 per 1/4 hour. The cost may be more if outside space needs to be booked.

If you miss a feed of STAR TREK: VOYAGER you may also order a tape. The charge is $120 for 1" tape, $80 for BetaSP Stereo and $45 for 3/4" tape. There are no spot reels. Contact Paramount Broadcast Services at 323-956-xxxx to order tape. STAR TREK: VOYAGER can not be libraried during the barter period, so tapes will need to be erased after airing.

Please contact Paramount Broadcast Services at 323-956-xxxx with any questions.


June 28, 1999

Dear Promotion Director:

PROMAX '99 was an exciting time for all of us working in the television business. Regardless of whether you were able to attend out STAR TREK: VOYGER PROMAX workshop, we wanted to give you some highlights of what you should expect to receive this summer for the show launch:

Promo Kit/On-Air Campaign: For starters, the STAR TREK: VOYAGER promotion kit (being shipped the week of July 12) will provide you with the various print, synopses, publicity, radio and other promotional tools that you'll need to help launch the show. A complete on-air campaign will be sent to you via satellie over the next few months.

Theme Weeks: To help even further bolster your promotional push and make sure your viewers are going to watch VOYAGER "five flights a week," we are doing something that no syndicator has ever done before. Starting with the VOYAGER launch on September 13 through the end of November sweep (December 3), you will have individual theme weeks supported with special on-air generics and theme week episodic graphics - EVERY WEEK! Here's a list of the theme weeks with their air schedule dates and "working" titles:


1 9/13/99 Launch Introduces the series
2 9/20/99 Time Travel Traveling across time
3 9/27/99 Big Bad Aliens They're big; they're bad
4 10/04/99 Destination Earth: Pt 1 There's no place like home - storylines evolving around the crew visiting/remembering earth (part of national 3rd party promotion)
5 10/11/99 Reality Check Someone or something is altering the crew's reality
6 10/18/99 Strange New World Crew visits strange worlds, battle weird space phenomenons
7 10/25/99 Possessed (Hwn) Great visual aliens for Halloween
8 11/01/99 Borg On Board Assimilation Week
9 11/08/99 Five Days Of "7 of 9" Shows What more can you ask for?
10 11/15/99 Destination Earth: Pt 2 2nd part of national 3rd party promotion
11 11/22/99 Aliens Run Amok Out of control aliens
12 11/29/99 My Favorite Aliens Famous aliens from Star Trek legacy

Contest/Promotions: A national 3rd party promotion contest is in the works that will offer a grand prize winner the chance to win a trip to all seven continents in the new millennium! And that's not all! We're also putting together a contest for promotion directors, entitled "Destination: Promos," that's targeted just for you. The promotion director that delivers the most exciting, effective, unique and creative promo campaign is also eligible to win a trip of a lifetime - a trip for two to any one of seven continents. Look for more details of these promotions later this summer.

The Launch Campaign: Our exciting, targeted launch campaign takes all of our VOYAGER research and demographic information into consideration. Entitles "Are You a Voyager?" this campaign has been created to draw in potential new viewers, as well as the already addicted VOYAGER core audience. In an effort to simplify your overall launch campaign planning strategies, below is an outline of some of the on-air and print materials you'll be receiving, as well as a general delivery schedule:


"ARE YOU A VOYAGER?" :60/:30/:20/:15/:10 Theatrical trailer style generics featuring some of the best special effects and action adventure clips from VOYAGER. Satellite fed 6/23 and 6/24
"Intrepid Souls" :30/:20/:15/:10 These spots were shot by the Oscar-winning director of photgraphy, Allen Daviau ("ET," "The Color Purple," "Bugsy") and target the users of the fastest growing pop-culture phenomenon in media today - Cyberspace. Week of July 26
"The Voyagers" :30/:20/:15/:10 Also filmed by Allen Daviau, these spots are designed to appeal to new and already committed VOYAGER watchers. Week of July 26
"JERI RYAN" Generic :30/:20/:15/:10 These spots have been designed to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Borg character, "Seven of Nine," played by the lovely Jeri Ryan. Week of August 23
Episodics :30/:20/:15/:10 One of the most critical elements of your on-air schedule should include topicals, which will be sent to you in complete packages to allow for maximum scheduling flexibility. Beginning in August
Theme Week Generics :30/:15/:10 We'll be providing you with special Theme Week generics and episodic end graphics to use in conjunction with your air schedule for 12 weeks beginning September 13-December 3. Beginning in August
Graphics Package/
Contest Footage
Misc Includes "Are you a Voyager?" campaign graphics as well as Paramount contest footage to use for special promotions. Week of July 26
Sales Presentation Approximately 2-3 Minutes Designed to use for local ad sales support, this dynamic tape introduces the characters, action and adventure of the show; being provided with and without announce tracks. Week of July 26
Program Filler Approximately 2-3 Minutes A breakout of the local as sales tape, this program filler is perfect for use at the end of shorter movies, sports programs and other places where you have longer avail times. Week of July 26
Radio - Generics :60/:30 "Are you a Voyager?", "Sounds" and "Quiz" generic radio spots are all being sent to you via audio CD and 1/4" tape via your promotion kit. Week of July 12
Radio - Episodics :30 Radio episodics are another important element in your promo campaign. :30s for every episode will be supplied - all you have to do is tag them, place them, and you're done. Beginning in August


Generic ads "Are You a Voyager?," "Five Flights a Week," "New Millennium," and "The Ultimate Search Engine" generic TVGuide print ads will be shipped to you in Full Page, 1/2 Pagem 1/4 Page and Spreads in the promo kit in July. Week of July 12
Theme Week/Episodic Ads Theme Week/Episodic shells: Three different ad layouts have been created to use for episodic or theme week print and will be shipped to you in July. Week of July 12
Janeway/Seven of Nine Generic Ads "Janeway - The Only Way" and "Seven of Nine - There's Only One" are provided in half-page verticals that can run individually or on both sides of your TVBook or TV Guide, and will be shipped to you in July. Week of July 12
CD-ROM Included in your promotion kit: an advertising material CD-ROM containing ads, ad copy, photos, suggested outdoor layouts, logos and various as elements (in various computer formats) as well as publicity information. Week of July 12
Photography Also in your promotion kit: hard copies of an extensive collection of episodic, gallery and reaction shots of the cast, aliens, space shots and the U.S.S. VOYAGER. Week of July 12
Sales Sheets Under separate cover from the promotion kit, these are designed for you to customize for your local advertising sales support. Week of July 12
Posters Under separate cover from the promotion kit, 100 posters will be shipped to your station to use for contest giveaways, local events and lobby postings. Week of July 12

We are looking forward to working with you this summer to make STAR TREK: VOYAGER a big hit on your station, and we hope that this information is useful in your launch planning efforts.

Feel free to call me at 323-956-xxxx if you have any questions or specific needs. And remember, as the marketing Borg collective would say, "If you use all of these tools at maximum warp speed - VIEWER RESISTANCE WILL BE FUTILE!"


Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx


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