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Bonnie McFarlane stars as Kit Weaver, a young teacher and dormitory supervisor, whose bantering style and sense of camaraderie make her a favorite among the students at Woodridge, a private Manhattan boarding school, in UPN's new half-hour comedy, Social Studies.

"Kit Weaver is rebellious," says Bonnie McFarlane about her character. "She's like the coolest kid in the class, only she gets paid for it. She's a dedicated teacher, but she doesn't take herself too seriously." The youngest of four children, McFarlane was born in the town of Cold Lake and grew up on a family farm in remote northern Alberta, Canada. Although the family had a television, it only received one channel once in a while and they never watched it.

After graduating from high school in Alberta, McFarlane moved to Vancouver, intent on becoming a writer. She landed a job working in advertising. Then, fulfilling a long-held promise, McFarlane's mother took her and a sister to visit Disneyland. It was in Anaheim that McFarlane, at the age of 21, saw a stand-up comic perform a routine for the first time. "I thought to myself, 'I can write that!," McFarlane recalls. Returning to Vancouver, she embarked on writing material for comics, but everyone told her she could do better performing it herself, which she did. Then she won a contest in Toronto, and was named winner of "The Search for Canada's Funniest New Comic" in 1992. In short order she was on the road, crisscrossing Canada countless times with her act. She also appeared on several Canadian variety entertainment programs and specials.

Soon after, McFarlane headed for the bright lights of New York, where she got a job writing and performing a "mockumentary" for the cable show Caroline's Comedy Hour. She decided to stay. McFarlane rapidly acquired a couple of more primetime television credits, including Friday Night and Comics. Then an audition led to her acting debut as Kit Weaver in Social Studies and she relocated to Los Angeles.

Off-screen, McFarlane continues to write most of the time, usually screenplays. She likes going to the movies and working out. Her favorite sport is down-hill skiing, which she does as often as she can.



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