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Season One Quick Reference Guide

Main Cast
Tru Davies
Harrison Davies
Meredith Davies
Jack Harper
      Eliza Dushku
Shawn Reaves
Zach Galifianakis
A.J. Cook
Jessica Collins
Benjamin Benitez
Matthew Bomer
Jason Priestley
      DOB: 12/30/80
DOB: 02/05/78
DOB: 10/01/69
DOB: 07/22/78
DOB: 04/01/71      [TRU-101 - TRU-113]
DOB: 11/14/74      [TRU-104 - TRU-113]
DOB: 10/11/77      [TRU-106 -]
DOB: 08/28/69      [TRU-114 -]

Opening Title Sequence


# Fox
1 TRU-101 10/30/03 1AHP79 Pilot
In the series premiere episode of TRU CALLING, "Pilot," we meet Tru Davies, who suddenly discovers she can save lives. She is a smart and sexy recent college graduate who lands a job on the midnight shift at the city morgue. On her first night, Tru questions reality when she hears a beautiful murder victim asking for her help. But the next morning, Tru wakes up to find that she is back at the beginning of that very same day - twelve hours before the woman's death that only Tru knows about. TRU CALLING will put a stylish new spin on the procedural crime format as Tru uses her newfound ability to go back in time so she can try to stop tragedies before they actually happen, while at the same time rescuing members of her own family from their dangerous and self-destructive lives.

Mark Evansi: Kristoffer Polaha. Rebecca Morgan: Hudson Leick. Cameron: Heath Freeman. Aaron McCann: John Haymes Newton. Elliot Winters: Callum Keith Rennie. Allison Evans: Brenda Campbell. Carol Winters: Ingrid Tesch. Mother: Sherry Thoreson. Meredith (Age 15): Victoria+Anderson. True (Age 12): Victoria Tennant. Card Player #1: Rick Tae. Mr. Chiang: Phoenix Ly. Nurse: Jacqueline Steuart. Priest: Kurt Evans. Lotto Woman: Chaka White.
Dr. Green: Robert Wisden. Gary: Woody Jeffreys. Marco: Vincent Laresca.

2 TRU-102 11/06/03 1AHP01 Putting Out Fires
When the corpse of a handsome young man asks for Tru's help, she quickly learns he's a determined firefighter killed trying to save two children trapped in an apartment building fire. As Tru tries to change the man's fate, the day gets even more complicated when she develops feelings for him.

Gardez: Benjamin Benitez. Mark Evans: Kristopher Polaha. Nick: Michael Trucco. Samantha: Halie Zastre. Diane: Jillian Fargey. Kevin: Reece Thompson. Neil Ford: Reg Tupper. Gina: Missy Peregrym. Fire Captain: Dee Jay Jackson. Shopper: Jennifer Marie Chung.

3 TRU-103 11/13/03 1AHP02 Brother's Keeper
When Tru's brother, Harrison, falls in love with a beautiful young woman, only Tru knows that he could be implicated in the death of the woman's estranged husband. Tru must race against time in order to keep her brother from committing murder or being killed himself.

Gardez: Benjamin Benitez. Sarah: Cobie Smulders. Andrew: Joe Flanigan. Waiter: Brendan Bailey. Man In Love: Joshua Drebit. Serge (gun dealer): G. Michael Gray.
Lawrence: Dean Redman.

4 TRU-104 11/20/03 1AHP03 Past Tense
When five bodies arrive in the morgue and ask for her help, Tru's mission is five times more difficult. After learning that the victims died at a bachelor party, Tru poses as a bartender to gain access. As she tries to systematically determine if one of them is the killer, her curiosity raises their suspicions, putting her in jeopardy.

Luc: Matthew Bomer. Catherine: Alexia Hagen. Blake: Leonard Roberts. John: Gabriel Olds. Ethan: John Sloan. Tara: Julia Anderson. Hat: Aaron Craven. Tall Guy: Kwesi Ameyaw. Blonde: Patrick Gilmore. Catherine: Alexia Hagen. Clayton: David Neale. Bartender: Dana Pemberton. Concierge: Andrew Campbell. Assistant: Peter Grier.

5 TRU-105 12/04/03 1AHP04 Haunted
When the body of a young medical student comes into the morgue, Tru must pose as a fellow student in order to stop what looks like a simple drug overdose. While trying to save this latest victim, Tru gets a glimpse of the life that she's always wanted but that her own powers may prevent her from ever having.

Luc: Matthew Bomer. Paige: Alaina Kalanj. Dan Steckel: Mark Matkevich. Steven: Kal Penn. Mr. Reynolds: Jim Francis. [unknown]: William MacDonald. Professor Coleman: Andrew McIlroy. Jessica Sanders: Rhonda Dent. Jerremy: Bruce James. Proctor: Chris Shields. Admissions Officer: Chelah Horsdal.

6 TRU-106 12/11/03 1AHP05 Star Crossed
When a pair of young lovers killed in a tragic car accident appeal for Tru's help, she must pose as a high school student to get close to them. Tru races against time to prevent the fatal accident from happening -- however nothing is as it seems.

Jen: Rachael Bella. Adam: Johnny Pacar. Amy: Melissa Lee. Derek: Brendan Fletcher. Gregory: Matthew Harrison. Cole: Kaj-Erik Eriksen.
Closing credits needed.

7 TRU-108 12/18/03 1AHP06 Morning After
Tru celebrates her first night off from the morgue by throwing a party, but the evening takes a dangerous turn when her ex-boyfriend, Mark, shows up uninvited. Things go from bad to worse when she wakes up the next morning and finds Mark in her bed, stabbed to death. Unable to remember the previous night's events, Tru fears that she is the prime suspect. When the day rewinds, she has only 12 hours to prevent Mark's murder and clear her name.

Mark Evans: Kristoffer Polaha. Sam: Shane Meier. Brian: Fred Ewanuick. Julie: Leah Cairns.

8 TRU-107 1/08/04 1AHP07 Closure
When a young war hero is accidentally shot to death trying to leave a military hospital, Tru inadvertently aids his escape when she relives the day. She quickly learns that he has complications from a battle injury that could be fatal if not treated immediately. As she races to get the soldier the medical help he needs, she discovers he has a mission of his own - to find the girl he left behind and share what may be their final goodbye.

Jake: Ryan Kwanten. Bridget: Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Mr. Elkins: Garwin Sanford. Nurse #1: Courtney Kramer. M.P. #1: Michael Adamthwaite. M.P. #2: Simon Hayama. Marjorie: Allison Mathews. Head Nurse: Karin Konoval. Nurse #2: Kirsten Williamson. Patient: Mike Power. Doctor: John Shaw. Professor: Daniel Bacon.

9 TRU-109 1/15/04 1AHP08 Murder in the Morgue
After a bride is shot to death on her wedding day, her devastated groom begs Tru for a moment alone in the morgue to pay his last respects. But that moment of grief turns deadly when Tru and Davis catch him tampering with the body. The groom pulls out a gun and shoots Davis. When the day repeats, Tru must now save both the bride and Davis. Her mission becomes more difficult when she learns the groom is not all he seems to be.

Justin Burke: Chris William Martin. Alyssa: Christina Hendricks. Nicole (bride): Emily Holmes. Maid of Honor/Andrea: Stacy Fair. Jen (Bridesmaid): Tinsel Korey. Tackled Woman: BJ Harrison. Waitress: Lisa Marie Caruk. Groom (Alex): Michael Teigen. Don't Help Me Woman: Louise Grant. Drug Dealer: Travis MacDonald. Justin's Partner: Michael Daingerfield. Kid Playing with Ball: Samuel Patrick Chu.

10 TRU-110 1/22/04 1AHP09 Reunion
When Tru reluctantly attends her five-year high school reunion with Lindsay, she finds the most popular girl in school - who just happened to steal her prom date - dead in the swimming pool. To keep her safe when the day rewinds, Tru gets close enough to her high school nemesis to learn that more than one of their classmates may have had it in for her.

Candace: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. Mr. Connor: David Lewis. Judy: Marisa McIntyre. Billy: Chad Krowchuk. [unknown]: Jesse Hutch. Craig: Kyle Cassie. Glenn: Sean Carey. Keith: Paul Cummings. Classmate: Nicole Leier.

11 TRU-112 2/05/04 1AHP10 The Longest Day
Tru's mission intensifies when she finds herself reliving the same day a second time after her attempt to save a gunshot victim leads to the death of an innocent bystander. As Tru tries to simultaneously prevent two deaths, the complications snowball as she tampers with events, and she soon finds herself trapped in the same day.

Michael: Alec Newman. Brian: Fred Ewanuick. Clerk: Paulo Ribeiro. Skateboarder: Jaren Brandt Bartlett. Man in Blue: Michael Rogers. Front Desk Nurse: Lorena Gale. Patricia Norris: Eileen Pedde. Stephanie: Jennifer Spence. Cop: Andrew Moxham. Woman: Layla Alizada. Elizabeth: Alexandra Kaczynski. Linda: Dena Ashbaugh. ER Doctor 1: Craig Veroni. ER Doctor 2: Kevin McCrae. Harrison's Buddy #1: Sean Rogerson. Harrison's Buddy #2: Thomas Edge.

12 TRU-111 2/12/04 1AHP11 Valentine
Tru's Valentine's Day plans with Luc take an unexpected turn when they find themselves at a rundown resort with Harrison, Lindsay and a serial killer. When Tru's day rewinds, she must keep her companions safe while she tries to find and stop the killer, but her search leads her to the last person she would have suspected.

Kevin Rafferty: Devon Gummersall. Eileen: Sarah Deakins. Hank: John Mann. Carl: Jim Shephard. Young Man: Tyler Foley. Marissa Hatcher: Cheryl Adams. Patrolman: Noah Beggs. Red Wallet Lady: Rondel Reynoldson. Sheriff: Marc Baur.

13 TRU-113 3/18/04 1AHP12 Drop Dead Gorgeous
When a beauty contestant turns up dead backstage at a pageant, Tru's day rewinds and she enters the pageant herself to try preventing the victim's death. Meanwhile, Tru also has to confront her feelings about Luc when she learns he has a date with someone new.

Julian Barnes: William R. Moses. Jackie: Alexandra Holden. Alex: Clare Kramer. Michelle Carey: Michelle Harrison. Marlon: Jerry Wasserman. Angela: Erica Durance. Emcee: Ted Friend. Adrian Barnes: Rachel Hayward. Tabitha: Leah Graham. Security Guard: Benjamin Easterday. Stage Manager: Kerri Smith. Tyler: Stephen Spender.

14 TRU-114 3/25/04 1AHP13 Daddy's Girl
Tru's father comes to town with his new wife, who offers an olive branch to the kids in the form of an invitation to their dad's birthday party. Tru refuses, but only until her father's wife ends up in the morgue...and asks for Tru's help. Meanwhile, Jason Priestley joins the series as Jack Harper, a new forensic attendant who will work alongside Tru.

Meredith Davies: Jessica Collins. Jordan: Laura Leighton. Carl Neesan: Wade Andrew Williams. Richard Davies: Cotter Smith. 10 Year Old Tru: Victoria Tennant. Elise Davies: Jen Halley. Claire Davies: Emily Anne Graham. Oliver Davies: Cameron Cowles.

15 TRU-115 4/01/04 1AHP14 The Getaway
When the reporter who has been trying to expose Tru's secret gets shot by a gunman on a crime spree, Tru is torn about saving her. To complicate matters, Tru's attempts to enlist the police in capturing the shooter before he strikes are hampered when his actions don't repeat exactly what he did before her day rewound.

Charlie: Eddie Matos. Michelle Carey: Michelle Harrison. Beth: Sonja Bennett. Off-Duty Cop: Dean Moen. Teenager #1: Alfred Liu. Teenager #2: Nick Doyle. Arcade Kid: Richard D. Johnson. Track Guy: Carlos Joe Costa. Waiter: David MacKay. Cashier: Julia Arkos. Police Officer: Brian Drummond. Uniform Cop #2: Jenn Gorgie. Stand Up Reporter: Chris Kalhoon. Desk Sergeant: Eric Breker.

16 TRU-117 4/08/04 1AHP16 Two Pair
Tru faces a new dilemma when her day fails to restart after a body asks for help. Fearful that her gift has deserted her, Tru is shocked later that day when a different body's plea forces the day to restart. Now, she must race against the clock to save two people on the same day in different parts of the city. Jack reveals a bit about his sinister intentions.

Geoffrey: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Melissa: Courtnee Draper. Mr. Sumner: Alfred Humphreys. Mrs. Sumner: Gwenda Lorenzetti. Wendy Sumner: Alex Bland. Dawn Pullman: Agam Darshi. Bartender: Jodie Graham. Paisley Tie: Craig March. Poker Playing Man: Dave Brass. Poker Playing Woman: Sonia Mais. Helene Clarke: Jessica Schreier. Poker Playing Man #2: Fabrice Grover.

17 TRU-116 4/15/04 1AHP15 Death Becomes Her
Tamyra Gray, who competed in the first season of AMERICAN IDOL and had a recurring role on BOSTON PUBLIC, plays Carly Anders, an actress who befriends Tru when she visits the morgue to research her next movie role as a forensic attendant. But when Carly's car goes off a bridge and sends her plummeting to her death, Tru's day restarts. As she pries into the private details of Carly's life, Tru makes a shocking discovery about her past. Meanwhile, against Tru's wishes, Jack continues to become fast friends with Harrison.

Carly Anders: Tamyra Gray. Nick/Actor: Ivan Cermak. Monty the Car Salesman: Tony Alcantar. Anna: Mercedes de la Zerda. Peter: Alex Zahara. Erin: Mikka Dargel. Detective: Mark Holden. Isabelle Anders: Alexis Llewellyn. Kid/Carjacker: Ben Cotton.

18 TRU-118 4/22/04 1AHP17 Rear Window
When a male corpse with the same name as a female neighbor of Tru's comes into the morgue, Tru suspects identity theft. When the day restarts, Tru's investigation takes an unexpected turn that makes it difficult to sort out just who is the victim and who is the criminal. Meanwhile, Tru and Davis piece together some information about Jack, who hasn't been forthcoming about everything in his past.

Chris (female): Andrea Anders. Chris (male): Derek Hamilton. Matt Baxter: Jesse Moss. Randall: John Reardon. Cashier: Julia Arkos. Pawnbroker: Louis Chirillo. Ticket Agent: Suzanne Bastien.

19 TRU-119 4/29/04 1AHP18 D.O.A.
Tru and Davis remain stunned by the revelation that Jack can relive days like Tru. Excited to have a new partner, Tru teams up with Jack to ensure a doctor's dying wish to help others in his life, but as the day progresses, Tru becomes increasingly suspicious of Jack's intentions. And when Jack attempts to stop Tru from saving an innocent victim, she comes to the startling realization that he isn't her ally but her enemy.

Grace: Lisa Waltz. Marc Colvin: Nick Wechsler. Randall: John Reardon. Dr. Frank Colvin: Andrew Airlie. Nadine Casila: Leanna Nash. Lily: Natasha Wilson. Busboy: Jason McKinnon. Bus Driver: Scott Nicholson. EMT: Mark Pawson.

20 TRU-120 4/29/04 1AHP19 Two Weddings and a Funeral
In the second season-finale episode, Tru and Jack - her sworn nemesis - find themselves on a collision course with the stakes as high as they can be after the body of Tru's brother, Harrison, asks for help. Despite his friendship with Harrison, Jack vows to ensure Harrison's death when the day rewinds. Tru struggles to protect her brother, and the game is on as an epic battle of life and death between Tru and Jack is set in motion. But Tru's attempts to save Harrison will lead to the shocking death of someone very close to her.

Randall: John Reardon. Emma: Lauren Stamile. Donnie: David Lipper. Richard Davies: Cotter Smith. Ethan: Sage Testini. Minister #1: Brent Sheppard. Paramedic: Edmond Wong. Doctor: Roger Haskett. Nurse - OR: Pamela Hart. Nurse - Desk: Bonnie Smart. Store Owner: Ron Chartier. Minister #2: John Treleaven.


The Prod Num refers to the production number assigned to the episode by the production company. It is not the number assigned to the episode by Fox.

All shows aired Wednesday at 9:00pm ET/PT, except the first 7 episodes, which aired on Tuesdays at 9:00pm ET/PT.

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