[production number: 134                         stardate: 49447]

                          STAR TREK

                         Based Upon
                         "STAR TREK"
                         Created By
                      Gene Roddenberry

Kate Mulgrew                    as      Captain Kathryn Janeway

                        Also Starring
Robert Beltran                  as      Commander Chakotay
Roxann Biggs-Dawson             as      Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
Jennifer Lien                   as      Kes
Robert Duncan McNeill           as      Lieutenant Tom Paris
Ethan Phillips                  as      Neelix
Robert Picardo                  as      The Doctor
Tim Russ                        as      Lieutenant Tuvok
Garrett Wang                    as      Ensign Harry Kim

                         Created By
         Rick      &       Michael       &       Jeri
        Berman             Piller               Taylor

[lead credits]


                         Guest Stars
Raphael Sbarge                          [Michael Jonas]
Nancy Hower                             [Ensign Wildman]
Michael Spound                          [Lorrum]
Dan Kern                                [First Minister Kellan]

        Theme By                        Jerry Goldsmith
        Line Producer                   Brad Yacobian
        Co-Producer                     Kenneth Biller
        Producer                        Wendy Neuss
        Producer                        Merri Howard
        Supervising Producer            Peter Lauritson
        Supervising Producer            Brannon Braga
        Written By                      Gary Holland
        Directed By                     LeVar Burton

[end credits]

                     Executive Producers
         Rick              Michael               Jeri
        Berman             Piller               Taylor

[closing credits]

Majel Barrett                           Computer Voice

        Music By                        Dennis McCarthy

        Director of Photography         Marvin V. Rush, A.S.C.
        Production Designer             Richard D. James
        Editor                          Daryl Baskin

        Unit Production Manager         Brad Yacobian
        First Assistant Director        Jerry Fleck
        Second Assistant Director       Arlene Fukai

        Casting By                      Junie Lowry-Johnson, C.S.A.
                                        Ron Surma

        Original Casting By             Nan Dutton, C.S.A.
        Casting Executive               Helen Mossler, C.S.A.

        Costume Designer                Robert Blackman
        Set Decorator                   Leslie Frankenheimer

        Visual Effects Producer         Dan Curry

        Visual Effects Supervisor       Ronald B. Moore
        Post Production Supervisor      Dawn Velazquez

        Supervising Editor              J.P. Farrell
        Scenic Art Supervisor /
                Technical Consultant    Michael Okuda
        Senior Illustrator /
                Technical Consultant    Rick Sternbach

Make-Up Designed and Supervised By      Michael Westmore

        Art Director                    Michael L. Mayer
        Set Designer                    Louise Dorton
        Visual Effects Coordinator      Arthur J. Cordon
Visual Effects Series Coordinator       Edward L. Williams
        Visual Effects Associate        Cheryl Gluckstern

        Script Supervisor               Cosmo Genovese
        Special Effects                 Dick Brownfield
        Property Master                 Alan Sims
        Construction Coordinator        Al Smutko
        Scenic Artist                   Wendy Drapanas
        Video Coordinator               Denise Okuda

        Hair Designer                   Suzan Bagdadi
        Make-Up Artists                 Tina Hoffman
                                        Scott Wheeler
                                        Mark Shostrom
        Hair Stylists                   Barbara Minster
                                        Laura Connolly
        Wardrobe Supervisor             Camille Argus

        Sound Mixer                     Alan Bernard, C.A.S.
        Camera Operator                 Doug Knapp, S.O.C.
        Chief Lighting Technician       Bill Peets
        First Company Grip              Randy Burgess
        Key Costumers                   Kimberly Shull
                                        Jamie Thomas

        Music Editor                    Gerry Sackman
        Supervising Sound Editor        Bill Wistrom
Supervising Sound Effects Editor        Jim Wolvington
        Sound Editors                   Miguel Rivera
                                        Masanobu Tomita
                                        Ruth Adelman
        Post Production Sound By        Modern Sound

        Production Coordinator          Diane Overdiek
        Post Production Coordinator     April Rossi
        Production Associates           David Rossi
                                        Zayra Cabot
                                        Sandra Sena
        Pre-Production Coordinator      Lolita Fatjo

        Science Consultant              Andre Bormanis
        Main Title Design By            Santa Barbara Studios
                                        Dan Curry
        Filmed with Panavision(R) Cameras and Lenses

        Motion Control Photography      Image G
        Digital Optical Effects         Digital Magic
        Special Video Compositing       CIS, Hollywood
        Computer Animation              Vision Art Design
                                        & Animation
        Editing Facilities              Unitel Video

         The persons and events in this program are
      fictitious.  Any similarity to actual persons or
                  events is unintentional.
                     ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
     This motion picture is protected under the laws of
    the United States and other countries.  Unauthorized
    duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in
          civil liability and criminal prosecution.
          STAR TREK(R) is a registered trademark of
     Paramount Pictures registered in the United States
                Patent and Trademark Office.
            STAR TREK: VOYAGER(tm) is a Trademark
   \-^-/           of PARAMOUNT PICTURES.
    / \                                    DD SURROUND TM

David Henderson