Parade Magazine

The Sunday November 27, 1994, edition of Parade Magazine had the following in the "Walter Scott's Personality Parade" Q&A section:

Q I understand that Genevieve Bujold was all set to play the first-ever female Star Trek captain in the upcoming TV series "Star Trek: Voyager" but that she resigned at the last minute. What exactly happened? And did the actress complete any episodes before she quit?--Christopher Lake, Denver, Colo.

A The tempestuous Ms. Bujold quit before she could make her first entry in the captain's log. Just two days into taping[sic] the first episode of the new "Voyager" series--the third spinoff of Gene Reddenberry's sci-fi classic--the 52-year-old Canadian-born actress stormed off the set. It has been reported that she didn't like the script, the costumes and--according to at least one account--a request that she pad her bra. But the major factor was the hectic production schedule. "She realized it wasn't for her," said Bujold's publicist, "and she wanted to let people know sooner rather than later." The producers replaced her with Kate Mulgrew, 39. She will co-star in the role of Capt. Kathryn Janeway, commander of the starship "Voyager," with Robert Beltran, who plays First Officer Chakotay, and Tim Russ as Starfleet Tactical Security Officer Tuvok.

Photo of Bujold Photo of Mulgrew
Bujold (left) and Mulgrew: Fast turnover at helm of Voyager

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