October 19, 1995

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Captain Janeway Endures the Universe's Most Notorious Troublemaker
And Commander William T. Riker Is Called to Testify On Q's Behalf

The omnipotent Q makes his triumphant return to a Starfleet vessel in a riveting episode of "Star Trek: Voyager" airing later this season on UPN. The hugely popular character, portrayed by actor John de Lancie, is an entity with near godlike powers, child-like petulance and a sense of playfulness. He was last seen in the finale of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (May, 1994) and, since then, the prospect of his return has been a topic of widespread interest among viewers. Jonathan Frakes, as Commander William T. Riker, also makes a special guest appearance in the episode.

Commenting on the storyline, de Lancie said, "It's the best yet! It certainly answers alot of people's questions about the nature of being Q, but also begs many other questions."

In the episode, entitled "Death Wish," a rebel Q (Gerrit Graham) escapes imprisonment from inside a comet and demands asylum aboard the U.S.S. Voyager. Just as quickly, the well-known Q (de Lancie) arrives to force the escaped Q back to the Continuum, the extra-dimensional domain in which their immortal kind exist. Meanwhile, the escaped Q proclaims that if Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) grants him sanctuary, he intends to commit suicide to end the tedium he has endured as an immortal being.

Noting the dictates of Starfleet protocol, Janway holds a hearing to consider the request for asylum. The tables are turned on Q as Federation personnel preside over a trial in which he must defend the Q Continuum and the ever-logical Tuvok acts as counsel for the escaped Q. A courtroom drame ensues when Q calls himself to the witness stand along with a varied group of other people, including Commander William T. Riker, whose lives were profoundly changed by Q's influence.

In a collaboration between father and son, the story was written by Shawn Piller and the teleplay was written by Michael Piller. The episode is directed by James L. Conway. Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor are the creators/executive producers of "Star Trek: Voyager." The series is a production of Paramount Network Television.

"Q Q&A"

Following are questions and answers about Q, the immensely popular character (played by actor John de Lancie) who makes his triumphant return to a Starfleet vessel on a riveting episode of "Star Trek: Voyager" airing later this season on UPN.

Where do Q exist?
The Q Continuum

What powerful enemy made contact with the Enterprise when Q transported the ship light years beyond Federation space?
The Borg

Who is the actor who played the member of the Q Continuum responsible for stripping the power from Q after he was found quilty of spreading chaos in the universe?
Corbin Bernsen

Why were Q's powers eventually restored?
He committed an act of self-sacrifice when he stole a shuttlecraft in an attempt to save the lives of the Enterprise crew.

Which Federation Captain received the gift of supernatural powers from Q?
Captain William T. Riker
[Note: Riker was a Commander, not a Captain.]

Who saved Q from the attack of the Calamarain?
Commander Data

What legendary Earth story was the basis for an elaborate fantasy in which Q cast Captain Jean-Luc Picard and other members of the Enterprise crew?
Robin Hood

"Star Trek: Voyager" airs MONDAYS (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on UPN.


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