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Voyager Cast - Tim Russ

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Tuvok, Security Chief (Tim Russ) [b. 22 June 1956]

Tim Russ stars as Tuvok, a Vulcan who serves as the Tactical/Security Officer aboard the Starship U.S.S. Voyager on UPN's popular drama series "Star Trek: Voyager." While they are lost in the far reaches of the galaxy, Tuvok's powerful combination of wisdom, experience and physical skills make him a valued addition to the crew. When asked how he feels portraying the emotionless Vulcan, Russ responds 'I can identify with Tuvok in that we both believe in the power of logic."

Born into a military family in Washington, D.C., Russ was raised on air force bases around the world. Russ and his younger brother and sister spent time in the Orient and the Middle East before his family finally settled in Sacramento. He feels there is a direct correlation between growing up in a military family and being an actor . . . each have elements of insecurity, each can make you adaptable to change and both are unpredictable by nature.

Since 1985, Russ has worked full time at his trade. On television, he starred in the NBC series "The Highwayman" and "The People Next Door." In addition, Russ had a recurring part in the syndicated drama "Arresting Behavior" and made guest appearances on "Freddy's Nightmares" with star Robert Englund; in Jon Lovitz's primetime pilot; and the pilot "Journey To The Center Of The Earth." He has also appeared in the telefilms "Dead Silence," "Bitter Vengeance" and "Heroes of the Storm," which depicted true-life stories from survivors of Desert Storm,

Russ had a long history with "Star Trek" even before landing his current role as Tuvok. He played a humanoid terrorist in an installment of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," he appeared as T'Kar, a Klingon mercenary, in an episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," and recently guest starred as an "alternate universe Tuvok" in an episode of that series. He also appeared as a Starfleet tactical officer in the feature film "Star Trek: Generations." Russ made his feature film debut in the 1985 Paramount movie "Fire With Fire," and appeared in "Dead Connection" with Michael Madsen and Lisa Bonet.

On stage, Russ starred in an updated version of the Bard's "Romeo and Juliet," and received the NAACP Image Award for his portrayal of "Barrabas" in the production of the same name at the Los Angeles Theater Center. He has also appeared in productions of "Dreamgirls"; "As You Like It"; "Twelfth Night"; "Macbeth"; and "Cave Dwellers."

When not acting, Russ indulges his passions for writing and music. An accomplished guitarist and vocalist, Russ has performed with a number of bands and in many stage productions over the past 20 years. In addition, a public service announcement he wrote called "The Zone" won the Sony Innovators Award. During his hiatus, he worked as writer/producer on the feature film, "East of Hope Street" which has won several film festival awards.


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