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[Voyager Producer - Jeri Taylor

Jeri Taylor's diverse talent and skills as a writer, director and producer, have led her to the post of creator/executive producer of Star Trek: Voyager, produced by Paramount Network Television for broadcast on UPN. Taylor also served as an executive producer of Star Trek: The Next Generation for the 1993-94 season. Since 1992, she served as co-executive producer of the series.

An Emmy Award-nominated writer, Taylor joined Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1990 as supervising producer and held that position through the fifth season.

Taylor's credits as a producer include the series Quincy, for which she also directed episodes, Blue Thunder, Magnum P. I., In the Heat of the Night, and Jake and the Fatman. In addition, she co-wrote and produced the CBS prime-time movie, A Place to Call Home starring Linda Lavin.

She has written two ABC afterschool specials, But It Wasn't My Fault, and Please Don't Hit Me Mom, for which she earned Writer's Guild and Emmy Award nomininations. Taylor has also written for the television series Little House on the Prairie, The Incredible Hulk and Cliffhangers.

Taylor received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Indiana University, and her Masters degree in English from California State University at Northridge.

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