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Voyager Cast - Jeri Ryan

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Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) [b. 22 February 1968]

Actress Jeri Ryan, who joined the cast of UPN's popular series "Star Trek: Voyager" at the launch of the 1997-98 season, portrays a striking young female Borg, Seven of Nine, who came aboard the Federation starship when her ties to the Collective were severed. Once detached from the Collective, Seven of Nine took on a more human appearance, revealing a sensual creature neither fully Borg nor fully human. She proves a daily challenge to Captain Janeway and her crew as they try to help her discover her human side.

Ryan, a self-described "army brat," was born in Munich, Germany, and after making homes in Kansas, Maryland, Georgia and Texas, her family settled down in Paducah, Kentucky. Her father, a master sergeant, then retired and her mother, a homemaker, embarked on a career as a social worker. Ryan considers her years of moving around the world as great preparation for her performing career.

No stranger to the world of sci-fi, Ryan was a series regular on "Dark Skies." In addition, she guest starred on "Melrose Place"; "Murder, She Wrote"; "Matlock"; and "Diagnosis Murder" and appeared in the made-for-television movies "Co-ed Call Girl," "Nightmare in Columbia County," and "In the Line of Fire: Ambush in Waco." Her feature film credits include "The Last Man" and "Men Cry Bullets."

A National Merit Scholar and a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in theater, Ryan considers her most important role to be that of mother to her young son, Alex. A regular commuter, Ryan spends most of her weekends flying from her home in Los Angeles to Chicago where she makes a home with her husband, an investment banker.


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