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Scott Bakula

Captain Jonathan Archer

Scott Bakula stars as Jonathan Archer, Captain of the Enterprise. Charming and bold, Archer is a renegade who is not afraid to follow his instincts. The prototype for all Starfleet captains to come, he is making history with every light year. Intensely curious, Archer is eager to venture out where no man has gone before.

He is perhaps best known for his five-year stint on the innovative television series "Quantum Leap," which brought him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series and four Emmy nominations.

Born in St. Louis, Bakula moved to New York in 1976 where he pursued a career on the stage. In 1988 he was honored with a Tony nomination for his starring role in the Broadway musical "Romance-Romance." He had earlier made his Broadway debut as Joe DiMaggio in "Marilyn: An American Fable."

Bakula has received high praise for his work in a variety of feature film roles including the 1999 Academy Award-winning "American Beauty" and has recently completed "Life as a House" with award-winning director Irwin Winkler. Other films to his credit are "Lord of Illusions," "Major League: Back to the Minors," "A Passion to Kill," "MiFamilia/My Family," "Color of Night," and his (1990) film debut for director Carl Reiner, "Sibling Rivalry."

Alternating between film and television, Bakula has appeared in such recognized series as "Designing Women" and "Murphy Brown," and in the mini-series "A Girl Thing," "The Invaders" as well as the telefilms "Mean Streak" and "Papa's Angels," which he starred in and produced. Bakula recently wrapped production on "What Girls Learn," an original telefilm for which he also acts as an executive producer through his BPI Productions in association with Paramount Network Television.

His singing ability has afforded him some special opportunities including performances at the Kennedy Center Honors, at Carnegie Hall and at the Hollywood Bowl with Carol Burnett, as well as in the animated musical "Cats Don't Dance," as Danny the cat.

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