[production number: 456]

		       Deep Space Nine

		    Based upon STAR TREK
			 Created by
		      Gene Roddenberry

Avery Brooks			as	Commander Sisko

			Also Starring
Rene Auberjonois		as	Odo
Siddig El Fadil			as	Doctor Bashir
Terry Farrell			as	Lieutenant Dax
Cirroc Lofton			as	Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney			as	Chief O'Brien
Armin Shimerman			as	Quark
Nana Visitor			as	Major Kira

			 Created By
		 Rick	      &		Michael
		Berman			Piller

[lead credits]


			 Guest Stars
Majel Barrett				[Lwaxana]
Philip Anglim			as	"Vedek Bareil"
Rosalind Chao				[Keiko]

	Line Producer			Robert della Santina
	Producer			Rene' Echevarria
	Producer			Peter Lauritson
	Supervising Producer		Ronald D. Moore
	Supervising Producer		David Livingston
	Co-Executive Producer		Ira Steven Behr
	Teleplay By			Philip LaZebnik
	Story By			Ira Steven Behr & James Crocker
	Directed By			Avery Brooks

[end credits]

		     Executive Producers
		 Rick			Michael
		Berman			Piller

[closing credits]

	Co-Producer			Steve Oster

	Executive Story Editor		Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Hana Hatae				Molly

	Casting By			Junie Lowry-Johnson, C.S.A
					Ron Surma

	Music By			Dennis McCarthy

	Director of Photography		Jonathan West
	Art Director			Randy McIlvain
	Editor				Richard Rabjohn

	Unit Production Manager		Robert della Santina
	First Assistant Director	Brian Whitley
	Second Assistant Director	Paul Lawrence

	Costume Designer		Robert Blackman
	Visual Consultant		Herman Zimmerman

	Visual Effects Producer		Dan Curry

	Visual Effects Supervisor	Glenn Neufeld
	Post Production Supervisor	Terri Potts

	Supervising Editor		J.P. Farrell
	Scenic Art Supervisor /
		Technical Consultant	Michael Okuda
	Senior Illustrator /
		Technical Consultant	Rick Sternbach

Make-up Designed and Supervised By	Michael Westmore

	Set Decorator			Laura Richarz
	Set Designer			Scott Herbertson
	Illustrator			James Martin
	Visual Effects Coordinator	David Takemura
Visual Effects Series Coordinator	Philip Barberio
	Wardrobe Supervisor		Camille Argus

	Script Supervisor		Judi Brown
	Special Effects			Gary Monak
	Property Master			Joe Longo
	Construction Coordinator	Thomas J. Arp
	Scenic Artist			Doug Drexler

	Hair Designer			Jose'e Normand
	Make-up Artists			Camille Calvet
					Dean Carl Jones
					Karen J. Westerfield
	Hair Stylists			Norma Lee
					Ronald W. Smith

	Sound Mixer			Bill Gocke
	Camera Operator			Kris Krosskove
	Chief Lighting Technician	R.D. Knox
	First Company Grip		Steve Gausche
	Key Costumers			Phyllis Corcoran-Woods
					Cleo Severy

	Music Editor			Gerry Sackman
	Supervising Sound Editor	Bill Wistrom
	Sound Editors			T. Ashley Harvey
					Sean Callery
					Ruth Adelman
					Guy Tsujimoto

	Production Coordinator		Heidi Smothers
	Post Production Coordinator	Cheryl Gluckstern
	Visual Effects Associate	Laura Lang-Matz
	Production Associates		Kim Fitzgerald
					Kristine Fernandes
	Science Consultant		Andre Bormanis

	Main Title Design By		Dan Curry
	Stunt Coordinator		Dennis Madalone
	Pre-Production Coordinator	Lolita Fatjo
	Casting Executive		Helen Mossler, C.S.A.
	Filmed with Panavision(R) Cameras and Lenses

	Video Optical Effects By	Digital Magic
	Special Video Compositing	CIS Hollywood
	Motion Control Photography By	Image "G"
	Computer Animation		Vision Art Design & Animation
	Editing Facilities		Unitel Video
	Post Production Sound By	Modern Sound

	     The persons and events in this program are
	  fictitious.  Any similarity to actual persons or
		      events is unintentional.
	 This motion picture is protected under the laws of
	the United States and other countries.  Unauthorized
	duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in
	      civil liability and criminal prosecution.
	      STAR TREK(R) is a registered trademark of
	 Paramount Pictures registered in the United States
		    Patent and Trademark Office.
	    STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE(tm) is a Trademark
	*				       DD SURROUND TM

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