My E-mail Response

[The following is a response to the Paramount Digital Open Letter.]

Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 10:30:43 -0600 (CST)
Cc: brown (Michael Brown)

Dear Mr. Wertheimer:

This morning I learned about your open letter to Star Trek fans. I am one of the sites that received one of the infamous Viacom letters and I sent you a copy of my response. I still have not heard nothing from Viacom regarding this matter. I have yet to even receive the cards back from the registered letters that I sent to Viacom. I have received back the cards from the two letters that I sent to the Paramount lot address.

In any event, the letter contains no plan on working with fan sites like mine. But I suspect that has to come from headquarters in New York.

But, something you wrote in the open letter is not really true. You wrote:

You have not given the fans what they want by putting Star Trek material behind MSN.COM. You've basically cut off the information you've placed behind that site. The only way users can get at that material is to be a member of MSN. Something that many, if not most, of the Star Trek fans are loath to do. Many of us have direct internet access, ISP or other accounts and do want want to pay more money to get access and specifically do not want to pay money to MSN.

If you truly wanted to make the material available, you would not hide it behind MSN.COM, you would make it freely available to everyone via PARAMOUNT.COM.

The main theme behind my site is to provide scheduling information, something that is not really available from either of your locations. Yes, one can get information for the upcoming show, but it is not freely archived and it does not provide information as far out into the future as currently available from UPN (Voyager) or Paramount (DS9). That is some of the information that fans are looking for that I provide.

Believe it or not, if Paramount Digital were to provide all of the information that I provided on my site (for FREE), I would be happy to actually terminate my site and let you take over. But, you do not provide that information and that is why other Star Trek fans visit my site.

I'll be happy to have a dialog with Viacom/Paramount regarding this situation, but it appears that Viacom/Paramount would rather be heavy handed instead of working with the sites that the letters were sent to.


Michael L. Brown


vidiot at vidiot dot com
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