UPN - Social Studies

Production Information

Airday and Time: TBA
Premiere: TBA
Origination: Universal City, California
Format: A half-hour situation comedy set in Woodridge,
a once upper crust Manhattan girls academy now transformed
into a co-educational boarding school with a racially and
financially-diverse student body. On one side stands the
once affluent Frances Harmon, Woodridge's administrator and
proud alunma. On the other side is Katherine "Kit" Weaver,
the working class, dedicated yet irreverent teacher who doesn't
see the world quite like Frances. In the mix is Kit's fellow
dorm supervisor and gym coach Dan Ferrara, the unwilling object
of Frances' affections. Keeping them on their toes is the
Freshman class: the defiant, tough-minded Madison Lewis,
the rich, beautiful and selfish Sara Valentine, the earnest,
studious Carla Stone, the resourceful entrepreneur Chip Wigley,
the charming, cool inner-city transfer student Jared Moore and
the school hunk, Matt.
Starring: Julia Duffy as Frances Harmon,
Bonnie McFarlane as Katherine "Kit" Weaver
Adam Ferrara as Dan Rossini
Lisa Wilhoit as Madison Lewis
Vanessa Evigan as Sara Valentine
Corbin Allred as Chip Wigley
Monica McSwain as Carla Stone
Rashaan Nall as Jared Moore.
Executive Producers: Sandy Gallin, Gail Berman
Creator &
Co-Executive Producer:
Nancylee Myatt
Consulting Producer: Bob Underwood
Producion Company: Film Fatale, Inc. and Sandollar Productions in assoc. with
Touchstone Television.


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