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"Jared's a funny, likable, cool kid," Rashaan Nall says in describing his character, Jared Moore, in UPN's new half-hour comedy series, Social Studies. An African-American from the inner city, Jared is bright and talented but easily bored so he's a challenge to teachers who know he'll only do only he bare minimum needed to pass.

The Los Angeles native is the youngest of four brothers. He knew he wanted to become an actor at the age of four when he saw Punky Brewster. His mother put him in extracurricular acting classes all through school, including USC's School of Performing Arts. Nall won leading roles in several local stage productions, and soon found himself cast in television shows. Among his guest-starring credits are The Parent 'Hood, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, E.R. and Mr. Rhodes; and movies-of-the-week such as The Tin Soldier, Tyson and Sweet Potato Ride.

Nall's feature film credits include "Fakin' `D' Funk," "The Winning Pitch" and "Acting Out."

When he's not working or attending school, gregarious Rashaan Nall loves playing all kinds of sports, from golf to bicycling. He also enjoys writing, especially poetry and monologues, and doing raps. He admires and reads the works of Robert Frost and Langston Hughes.



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