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Creator and Co-Executive Producer of

Nancylee Myatt's versatility as a talented writer/producer has brought her to the forefront as creator and co-executive producer of Social Studies, UPN's new half-hour comedy series about the life of teachers and students in a financially and ethnically-diverse co-ed boarding school in New York City.

Myatt's previous television credits as producer include Life with Roger, starring Mike O'Malley; Cleghorne! with Ellen Cleghome; The Five Mrs. Buchanans, a 1994 primetime comedy series starring Judith Ivey and Eileen Heckart as the fearsome, gravel-voiced mother-in-law; and Muddling Through with Stephanie Hodge and Jennifer Aniston. She served as executive story consultant on The Powers That Be, a Norman Lear comedy series starring John Forsythe and David Hyde Pierce; and as executive story editor for the concluding two seasons of the long-running popular hit comedy series Night Court, for which she also wrote the final episode.

She started her television writing career in the Writer's Workshop program at Warner Brothers, graduating in 1990. Prior to attending the workshop, she wrote several well- received plays which were produced in Los Angeles: "Two on the Aisle for Murder," "Slumber Party," "Afterlife," "Nothing So Simple as Love," and "Wet Paint."

A member of the Cherokee tribe, Myatt holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of California at Irvine. She divides her time between California and Arkansas.



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