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Adam Ferrara plays a teacher, dorm supervisor and loyal friend of Kit Weaver's on UPN's new half-hour comedy series, Social Studies. "Dan loves the kids, even though he doesn't understand them," reflects Ferrara about his character. "He's got a good heart. He wants the kids to see that they have options in life, but let them make up their own minds."

Adam Ferrara is not always such a serious guy. A professional stand-up comedian who is well-established on the club circuit, he has performed in venues from New York to Los Angeles, and from Boise to Atlanta. Fans of comedy recognize him as a fixture on such popular television shows as Caroline's Comedy Hour and Evening at The Improv, Comedy Showcase, Candid Camera, and MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour, among others.

A native of Huntington, Long Island, Ferrara was graduated from Walt Whitman High School and earned a Bachelor's Degree in finance from Marist College in upstate New York. The idea of performing in comedy had attracted him ever since, as a young teenager, he had seen his first comedy act - a tape of Richard Pryor in performance - at a neighbor's house. Returned to Long Island after college, Ferrara auditioned at the same local comedy club where Eddie Murphy launched his career. Before long, he was working all over Long Island "paying his dues." Ferrara next conquered Manhattan, sometimes working five sets a night, and going on the road around the country, which he still continues to do. In 1996 he was nominated for Best Male Stand-Up on the American Comedy Awards.

As for comic influences, Ferrara admires the work of Jack Klugman on The Odd Couple, Richard Pryor, Jackie Gleason, and Chris Rush. He made his acting debut in the series Flying Blind. His role as Dan on Social Studies is his first as a series regular.

Away from the microphone, Ferrara, who claims he is a "nocturnal person," loves to go to the movies, shoot pool and play his Clapton-model Fender guitar. He is a huge Beatles fan and especially likes to collect their interview tapes. Ferrara makes his home in Los Angeles.



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