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Corbin Allred portrays Chip Wigley, the fledgling young entrepreneur who can get his fellow students anything they may need - for a price, in UPN's new half-hour comedy, Social Studies. Resourceful and always on a roll, Chip nonetheless is a decent kid underneath. Chip's father works for the military or the CIA (he would tell you, but then he would have to kill you). He has lived all over the world.

Corbin Allred is the second oldest of four siblings. He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where he was graduated from Hillcrest High School. Allred discovered acting at the age of 12, when he answered an open audition casting call for the feature film, "A Far-Off Place." Since then, he has accumulated several screen credits.

For television, he has guest starred in the series Step by Step, Saved by the Bell, and California Dreams and in the recent telefilms My Son is Innocent and Blue Rodeo with Ann-Margaret. Among his feature films are "Rood Hood: Men in Tights," "Quest of the Delta Knights," "Josh Kirby: Time Warrior" and "Address Unknown."

Allred currently makes his home in Los Angeles with his two dogs, Mozzy and Goldie. He is an avid rock climber and competes as often as he can.



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