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Tuesday (8:00 pm, ET/PT)

"Mr. Parker, the future you know will be altered now. When you make even a tiny change to the past, everything that follows is also affected."

When an elite, covert military intelligence unit experiments with a highly classified operation - a high-tech spherical device code named Back-Step that allows for one human being to go seven days back in time - they enlist a cocky ex-CIA agent to turn back the clock and undo present-day events. This is the provocative premise for "Seven Days," the new UPN series that cleverly weaves the concept of time travel into suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat adventures and governmental intrigue.

Jonathan LaPaglia stars as former operative Frank Parker, who is plucked from a CIA mental hospital after he's identified as a strong candidate for a clandestine assignment. Although the project is not yet perfected, circumstances necessitate a hurried first mission and the government knows Parker is the only hope for restoring the status quo.

After proving he has a near photographic memory, a high tolerance for pain and the brash fearlessness to attempt a mission he may not even survive, Parker is selected for the first of many top-secret operations. Donovan, the project's chief military advisor whose life Parker once saved, is a strong supporter, as is Dr. Isaac Mentor and beautiful and brilliant scientist, Olga Vukavitch. The only member of the selection committee opposed to Parker is Nate Ramsey, who is convinced he's the wrong man for the job.

Eager to prove Ramsey wrong, Parker must focus his mind and body on the rigorous training, guided by an elite team of scientists, doctors and military advisors.

With only a week to race against the clock and avert modern-day calamities, Parker faces the ultimate challenge of his career - and his life. Time travel poses another unique challenge: trying to build a relationship with Olga when every step forward they take is ultimately eclipsed by the clock turning back seven days.

Starring are Jonathan LaPaglia as Parker; Don Franklin as Donovan; Norman Lloyd as Isaac Mentor; Justina Vail as Olga Vukavitch; Nick Searcy as Nate Ramsey; Alan Scarfe as Talmadge; and Sam Whipple as Ballard.

Christopher Crowe serves as executive producer. "Seven Days" is a production of Paramount Network Television.


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