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Justina Vail

as Olga Vukavitch

Justina Vail plays a world-class scientist with an alluring blend of brains and beauty in UPN's suspense packed, action-adventure series "Seven Days."

Vail was born in Malaysia and lived there until she was nine, after which her family moved to Hong Kong and later, England. Her love of painting led her to study fine arts at Canterbury Art College, but her life took an unexpected turn when she was visiting her sister in Hong Kong. The British television series "Yellowthread Street" was shooting nearby, and, on a whim, Vail showed up at their production office. She claimed to be an actress there to read for a part, and was convincing enough to get an audition and land her first acting role as a guest star on the series.

After discovering how much she enjoyed acting, Vail returned to London and performed in theater productions of "Barefoot in the Park," "Agnes of God" and "Camino Real." Shortly thereafter, Vail moved to Los Angeles and has been working steadily in film and television ever since.

She played one of Tom Cruise's ex-girlfriends in "Jerry Maguire," and appeared in "Kiss the Girls," starring Morgan Freeman. She guest starred as a vampire in "The X-Files," a Romanian diplomat in "The Commish" and a woman dumped by George (Jason Alexander) on "Seinfeld." In addition, Vail starred in the NBC pilot "Journey to the Center of the Earth," a spin-off pilot for "Highlander, -as well as a guest-starring role in "Suddenly Susan."

When she's not working, Vail enjoys painting, sculpting and yoga. She is single and lives in Los Angeles.


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