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*** "Star Trek: Voyager" Soars To A New Night ***

*** Grammy Award Winner LL Cool J, Sherman Hemsley, Malcolm-Jamal Warner,
James Avery and Robin Givens Join UPN's New Fall Comedy Line-Up ***

NEW YORK, NY, Thursday, May 16, 1996 . . . UPN will dramatically increase its comedy quotient this Fall when five now sitcoms -- "In the House," "Malcolm & Eddie," "Goode Behavior," "Homeboys in Outer Space" and "Sparks, Sparks and Sparks" -- join the 1996-97 primetime line-up it was announced today by Michael Sullivan, UPN's president of entertainment. Also new to the primetime schedule is the drama series "The Burning Zone." Rounding out the roster are the network's popular returning series "Moesha," "The Sentinel" and "Star Trek: Voyager" the latter which moves to a new day and time.

Following is UPN's 1996-97 prime-time schedule (all times are ET/PT):


"IN THE HOUSE" (8:00-8:30 p.m) -- Grammy Award-winning music artist LL Cool J, in his television series acting debut, stars opposite Emmy Award-winner Debbie Allen in this half-hour family comedy. While injured NFL superstar Marion Hill plans for a comeback, he saves money by moving into the apartment above his garage and renting out the main house. After Jackie Warren's husband declared his mid-life crisis and introduced his girlfriend, she knew it was time to start all over again. When the former football star takes as tenants the once wealthy socialite Jackie and her two kids, they all must learn to live together under more humble conditions. Starring are LL Cool J, Debbie Allen, John Amos, Maia Campbell, Jeffery Wood and Lisa Arrindell Anderson. The series is from Winifred Hervey Productions and Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment in association with NBC Productions. Emmy Award-winner Hervey, Jones and Salzman ("The Fresh Prince of Bel Air") are the executive producers.

"MALCOLM & EDDIE" (8:30-9:00 p.m.) -- Malcolm-Jamal Warner ("The Cosby Show") returns to network television in a new half-hour series about two unlikely roommates -- both new arrivals in Kansas City -- who share an apartment over the popular neighborhood bar, Kelly's. Malcolm is an aspiring play-by-play sports commentator and Eddie (stand-up comic Eddie Griffin) is a tow truck driver who is sometimes caught talking to his run-down rig. While their lifestyles, outlooks and values seem incompatible, they're strangers in a strange town and need each other to get by. When not at their day jobs, Malcolm and Eddie can be found at Kelly's fraternizing and freeloading. The executive producers are Joel Madison ("The Fresh Prince of Bel Air") and Kim Weiskopf ("Married... With Children"). The series is a production of Columbia Tri-Star Television.

"GOODE BEHAVIOR" (9:00-9:30 P.m.) -- Sherman Hemsley ("The Jeffersons') and Dorien Wilson ("Dream On") star as formerly estranged father and son Willie and Franklin Goode in this new half-hour comedy. When Willie, a newly paroled con artist, arrives without warning on his son's doorstep to fulfill the conditions of his probation -- house arrest complete with electronic ankle bracelet -- the two are expected to peacefully co-exist. To help secure a promotion to Dean of Humanities at a Chapel Hill university, Franklin reluctantly promises to let his father live with him indefinitely. The family home quickly becomes a half-way house with Franklin's wife Barbara (a local news anchor) and teenage daughter Bianca caught in the middle of the comedy. Determined to settle differences between father and son, Barbara and Bianca have their hands full -- especially when Willie makes it evident that he's not completely cured of his criminal habit. Brian Pollack, Mert Rich, Robert Illes and Dennis Pollak ("Sister, Sister") are the executive producers. The series is a production of Paramount Network Television.

"SPARKS, SPARKS AND SPARKS" (9:30-10:00 p.m.) -- James Avery ("The Fresh Prince of Bel Air") and Robin Givens ("Head of the Class") headline the cast of this new half-hour comedy set in Sparks, Sparks and Sparks, a walk-in law firm in inner-city Los Angeles. Founded by Alonzo Sparks, the firm is managed by his two sons who are polar opposites. Maxey Sparks and his brother Greg differ on almost every point but they do have one thing in common -- their mutual desire for the firm's new associate, beautiful Stanford Law graduate Wilma Cuthbert. In terms of work ethic, Greg represents the best legal standards of competence and honesty. Maxey, on the other hand, turns out L.A.'s tackiest TV commercials and quickly hustles clients out of their retainers. Alonzo would love to retire if he could only leave his two sons in a room by themselves. Between the dueling brothers, the eccentric office staff and the wacky clientele, the sparks are sure to fly. Also starring are Miguel Nunez, Terrence Howard, Kym Whitley and Arif Kinchen. Ed Weinberger ("The Cosby Show," "Amen") is the creator and executive producer. The series is a production of MTM.


"MOESHA" (8:00-8:30 p.m.) -- Beginning its second season, the popular comedy stars singing sensation Brandy Norwood whose debut album on Atlantic Records sold more than three million copies. Moesha Mitchell is a bright, hip 16-year-old girl coping with the demands of growing up, in this comedic series which presents a fresh, realistic look at modern day family life. Also starring are Sheryl Lee Ralph ("Dreamgirls," "Designing Women"), Countess Vaughn ("Star Search" junior vocalist winner, "227"); William Allen Young; Marcus T. Paulk; Lamont Bentley and stand-up comic Yvette Wilson. The series is created by Ralph Farquhar ("South Central") and Sara V. Finney & Vida Spears ("Family Matters") and is a Big Ticket Television production.

"HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE" (8:30-9:00 p.m.) -- Two affable young "free-lancers" are under pressure to make a name for themselves... but in the 23rd century that's not as easy as it sounds for these "homeboys in outerspace." Ty and Morris spend their days hopping from one galaxy to another in their Space Hoopty, an intergalactic vehicle guided by a sassy on-board computer named Loquatia and maintained by their trusty yet clueless mechanic, Carl. Along the way, Ty and Morris pick-up odd-jobs, encounter hot space babes and struggle to make some cold hard "Shabzibs." The two set up "office" in a corner of Jupiter Too, a futuristic tavern run by Ty's contentious brother-in-law, Vashti, a human-eating, cigar-loving humanoid from the Vognarian planet. When Vashti isn't running the bar, he's sending Ty and Morris out on messenger trips via the Space Hoopty. Starring are comedian Flex, Mel Jackson, Rhona Bennett, Kevin M. Richardson and John Webber. Ehrich Van Lowe ("Roc") is the creator & executive producer. The series is a production of Touchstone Television.

"THE BURNING ZONE" (9:00-10:00 p.m.) -- This new one hour drama series depicts the struggle of science to keep up with perhaps the deadliest, most single-minded enemy known to man -- the virus. When a new strain is gaining the upper hand and conditions are nearing "the burning zone," there is just one team that world governments call upon to help. Led by Dr. Edward Marcase, the hand-picked group is comprised of leading virologists and scientists whose main goal is to overcome microscopic enemies before it's too late. Joining Dr. Marcase in the quest are Dr. Kimberly Shiroma and CIA special agent Michael Hailey, each an expert in their field. Overseeing their efforts is Dr. Thurman Rhinehardt, one of the most powerful physicians in the United States, and a man who consults on medical issues and special projects to the White House, the CIA, the NSA and the Pentagon. Starring are Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dennis Arndt, Tamlyn Tomita and James Black. The executive producers are Coleman Luck and James D. McAdams. The series is a Universal Television production.


"THE SENTINEL" (8:00-9:00 p.m.) -- This series, which premiered in March, features broad-scale, dramatic police action with cufting-edge special effects. The story follows Detective Jim Ellison, a former U.S. Army reconnaissance soldier, after he develops wildly heightened senses. He partners with anthropology student Blair Sandburg who surmises that the detective is a modern version of the pre-civilized "sentinel." With Sandburg as his "guide," Ellison is able to use his edge in the pursuit of justice. Starring are Richard Burgi, Gareft (cq) Maggart and Bruce A. Young. The creators and executive producers are Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo (the duo share similar responsibilities on the syndicated series "Viper" and previously on "The Flash." They also wrote the popular feature film, "The Rocketeer.") The series is a Pet Fly Production in association with Paramount Network Television.

"STAR TREK: VOYAGER" (9:00-10:00 p.m) -- Moving to a new date and time, the futuristic drama series chronicles the 24th century adventures of the Starship U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Continuing the tradition of excellence that has spanned nearly three decades, "Star Trek: Voyager" stars Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran, Roxann Biggs-Dawson, Jennifer Lien, Robert Duncan McNeill, Robert Picardo, Tim Russ and Garreft Wang. Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor are the executive producers. The series is a production of Paramount Network Television.

In making the scheduling announcement, Mr. Sullivan commented, "This network was built on the philosophy of counter-programming -- night-by-night, time-period by time-period. When we examined the network landscape, we saw some real opportunities this season to accomplish just that. We had an embarrassment of riches with our development projects, and I believe we've created a competitive schedule that builds upon the strengths of our returning series -- "Star Trek: Voyager," "Moesha," "The Sentinel" and "Swift Justice." He continued, "With our Monday and Tuesday evenings of comedy and cufting-edge drama plus our Wednesday night of action and adventure, UPN has something for everyone."

Sullivan also announced that "Shaka," the network's first original mini-series, will air during the February sweeps period. Acclaimed writer Joshua Sinclair, who also wrote the hugely popular syndicated mini-series "Shaka Zulu," is the writer and executive producer of this four-hour epic based on the life of the Zulu tribe king. In addition, Sullivan announced the acquisition of the blockbuster feature film "Carlito's Way" starring Al Pacino, Sean Penn and Penelope Ann Miller and directed by Brian DePaima. The movie will air in primetime this Fall.

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