UPN - Nowhere Man

"Palmtop" Arc

As some of you know (and some of you don't) keeping Nohwere Man on track has been a bit of a job. What started as "do the show you want to do" has quickly become a game of feet scuffling and second guessing. Considering the nature of the show, it's been an interesting ride all around.

Starting with "Heart of Darkness" and running through most of February, we are airing our "Palmtop" shows. If you missed "Contact," Tom has been given a palmtop computer containing all sorts of information about "Them." This gives him a chance to be more "active," in network parlance.

I'll be curious to see how everyone reacts to this "arc" of the show, though I must say while walking down that road, I longed for the Nowhere Man of yore. Either way, like it or hate it, it's just a phase we're going through. As we hit "Stay Tuned" we'll be filtering back toward old ways. By the time "Hidden Agenda" comes up, we'll have some major bombs to drop that should make it all worthwhile.

After that, we're back to normal, whatever that might be for Nowhere Man. All I can say is that there are a number of "camps" out there. Some folks really relish the "active Tom." Others, like me, prefer the more existential dilemmas. Either way, hang in there -- I'm sure I'll be hearing opinions. Onward and upward ---


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Last modified on January 17, 1996