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It's Not Such a Wonderful Life

Since Nowhere Man will air no new episodes in December, this week becomes our Christmas episode and the last of the "old" year. It seems (mixed in there with Turkey day) a good time for me to say "thanks."

Nowhere Man began, extraordinarily, when Mike Sullivan, President of UPN, sat across from me and asked, "If you could do anything you wanted to do - what would you do?" It took a little while, but I came up with "Nowhere Man." Mike simply said, "do it."

How or why I was deserving of this treatment, I'll never know. But there it was. What at first seemed exciting became something of a "charge." Though I doubt that Mike intended it, his "do it" had quickly become "put your money where your mouth is." I wouldn't have the Network (or anyone else) to blame on this pilot. In short, it was "all mine."

Well, we came, we saw and we - er, semi-conquered?

Whatever the fate or fortune of Nowhere Man, it began as a labor of love and, as in most relationships, there are times when the labor has outshined the love. But we're in therapy and we're "working on it."

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the entire "Nowhere Man" experience has been the opportunity to interact with the small "core" audience who come online to praise, question, and even jeer the show. Though there are few consistencies among the posters, it certainly appears that the "NOWHERE MANiacs" out there are a bright and literate bunch.

What's rewarding, however, goes way beyond the blurbs, the barbs, the jokes, the questions and the comments. I have been writing for television for almost 20 years now (yikes!) and have never been asked to "do what [I] want." Having done that now for almost 13 episodes, heart in mouth, liver in - who-knows-where? - the support and feedback from the online community have been nothing short of "life's blood."

For those who've compared the show favorably to "The Prisoner" and/or "The Twilight Zone," I thank you. I consider those comparisons a major compliment (and will never believe that they are deserved - but I'm working on it).

For those who are "intrigued," "hooked" and in the "wouldn't miss it" category - again, thank you.

To know that, in some way, I was able to take Mike's charge and run with it - that I have communicated something to someone - is tremendously gratifying. To further know that we have managed (at least through the first 13) to get episodes on television that are actually about something is - mind-blowing, to say the least.

Whatever the fate of "Nowhere Man," it has been worth the countless episodes of "Hart to Hart(s)" and "Hardcastle and McCormick(s)" to get here. I've had a chance to do something that was meaningful to me and to come online and talk about it with those on the "receiving end."

When it comes to the Holidays - I've already received and unwrapped my best and biggest present - our online conversations. For the ones passed and the ones to come, I can't thank you enough. In return, I will fight the fight as long as it's "fightable" to keep "Nowhere Man" on its toes.

That said, I wish all of you Happy, Healthy and "Them-free" Holidays. And you can be sure, when I count my blessings, you'll all be among them.



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Last modified on November 28, 1995