UPN - Nowhere Man

A Rough Whimper of Insanity

For some unknown reason, Tom's life has been unceremoniously erased, eradicated and elminated. While Tom embarks on the search for the who, what and why, he crosses paths with many people. Some live their lives without question. Some have secrets. Some hold fears of darkness even greater than the ones that drive and possess Tom.

It seems apparent that in this age of depersonalization, computers must play a large part. We spend a great deal of time working, playing, interacting and even falling in love in the world of cyberspace. Computers can serve as a useful tool in our lives or, in some cases, they can become our lives.

Gaining access not only to the world of cyber-information, but to a genius "hacker," could prove quite useful to Tom Veil. Since his thorough erasure might somehow have been achieved through the use of computers, it stands to reason that a computer might prove to be the pathway to an answer. But for Scott Hansen, our young hacker-genius, the computer has replaced all human interaction. He has not been out of the house in years. His contact with humanity is limited to online and virtual experiences. In effect, he has chosen the very life that Tom is trying to shake. While Scott uses his computers to retreat, Tom sees them as a possible entrance; a way to rejoin the world.

These paths converge and collide in "A Rough Whimper of Insanity." The results are virtually devastating.


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Last modified on October 18, 1995