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Preemption Week Ramblings

I guess we've all slipped into the void with Tom Veil this week; preemption is the television version of "erasure." I suspect, like Tom, those among us with character and perserverence will survive.

This seems like an opportune moment to let everyone who checks in here know just what an extraordinary pleasure it's been to "connect" with people online and "discuss" Nowhere Man. Amidst the Network anxieties as the ratings roll in, amidst the pressures of production - my stint so far on the show has been nothing short of thoroughly satisfying and rewarding.

It's true that my heart skips a beat now and then when someone(s) gets online and dumps on an episode or on a direction we've taken that they're not fond of. Though we're not trying to please everyone, it is sometimes distressing to see people who liked the pilot become discouraged by an episode or episodes. If you are one of those people and you're here reading this page, I can only hope that you'll stick with us and "take the ride." I would like to think that we attract an audience among whom a "sense of wonder" is a large factor. (I am pleased and slightly surprised that the numbers are as large as they are. Perhaps there's hope yet.)

But so far, so good. We are doing well and this "ramble" is just a long-winded "thank you." It's a thank you to all of you who have watched the show, enjoyed it, thrown things at the screen and/or written to me about your thoughts and feelings. I'm not sure that another network will give me the carte blanche to do another "dream show" and I've been reveling in the opportunity to share a lot of personal thoughts, fears and ideas with all of you.

Like the tree falling in the forest, nothing created creates much of a sound without someone being there to "hear" it. The feedback lets me know that you're "out there" with me, listening and watching. (I'll try and yell "timber" first.)

We're keeping our fingers crossed that Nohwere Man can make and hold the grade in the ratings classroom. If it does, there'll be more to come. If I've tickled your collective fancies, if I've stimulated your imagination, if I've made you ask some questions, I'm thrilled. Continuing to do so is the most eloquent "thank you" I can offer. I'm working on it.

Happy pre-emption to all and to all a good void.


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Last modified on September 23, 1995