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Something About Her

In the never ending search for a way to break Tom - a way to get him to cooperate - I began with the obvious: The losses: Fear, love, family and friends. But then there are the carrots or the gains. Will we "go over" for power, sex, love or money?

In "Turnabout" Tom was certainly presented with the opportunity to "sell out." He could get his file and all the information he wanted if only he would "break the girl." Tom didn't go for it, though it appeared that that worked against him for awhile. His kindness boomeranged and he was congratulated by The Supervisor for his efforts. Ultimately, Tom escaped and Ellen - who did go along with the Powers That Be - paid the price. If only real life was like that.

"Something About Her" began with the notion of just how far would we go for love. It's beginning to occur to The Powers That Be that Tom's not about to tumble when directly threatened. So what if they were to threaten someone he loved. But they're all gone now. That opened the question of "can love be created." And more so - if you were going to create love (in a heterosexual man) what buttons would you try and hit.

I began to think about "passionate, obsessive love." Have you ever felt that way about someone and not known why? Have you ever felt that you would just stop breathing if they left you? And have you ever wondered just why you felt that way - about that particular person?

"Something" presses a lot of buttons in me. I've watched it with the editors and the sound mixers and there were a lot of "boy/girl" conversations going on. (Yes, lotsa women on our staff.)

It's also a moody episode, with lotsa buttons and gadgets. I love the heavies (kind of a "Heckyll and Jeckyll" of "THEM"). As for the girl - well - been there done that. And almost didn't live to tell about it.


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Last modified on September 14, 1995