Thursday Night At The Movies

Date Number Title Description
10/08/98 MOV101 I Married A Monster In this stylish remake of Paramount Pictures' 1958 cult classic "I Married A Monster From Outer Space," a quiet mid-western town is invaded by aliens who commandear the bodies of young men in a desperate attempt to propagate their dying race.
Starring Richard Burgi, Susan Walters, Tim Ryan, Barbara Niven.
10/15/98 MOV102 30-Years-To-Life After a teenager is accused, and finally convicted of a brutal crime he didn't commit, he is sentenced to 30 years... of aging.
Starring Robert Hays Amy Robbins Hugh O'Connor.
10/22/98 MOV103 Chameleon Kam, a genetically engineered female predator created for a futuristic FBI, turns against her corrupt creator, to help protect an innocent young boy who is being hunted by a diabolical police force.
Starring Bobbie Phillips, Eric Lloyd, Phillip Casnoff.
10/29/98 MOV104 Inferno A massive solar explosion threatens life on Earth as we know it, bringing together four stories of passion, crime, love, and conflict, during a brutally hot week in Los Angeles.
Starring Jonathan LaPaglia, James Remar, Stephanie Niznik, Anthony Starke.
11/05/98 MOV105 Riddler's Moon A 16-year-old boy in a struggling heartland farming community rallies the town to support his vision of aliens that will save them from a devastating drought.
Starring Corbin Bersen, Kate Mulgrew, Daniel Newman.
11/12/98 MOV106 Lost Souls N/A
11/19/98 MOV107 Dream House N/A
12/03/98 MOV108 Piranha N/A
12/10/98 MOV109 Them N/A
12/17/98 MOV110 Out There N/A
12/24/98 MOV111 The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy N/A
1/07/99 MOV112 Amanda & the Alien A young bohemian artist falls in love with a human-eating alien.
Starring Nicole Eggert, Michael Dorn.
1/14/99 MOV113 The Darwin Conspiracy The discovery of superior DNA from an ancient civilization leads to a race against time as a geneticist tries to save his brother from a governments scientist's experiments.
Starring Jason Brooks, Stacy Haiduk.
1/21/99 MOV114 The Cyber-Stalking In the near future, a young woman's dream of becoming a holographic singing star is subverted by a nefarious entertainment company.
Starring Jean Louisa Kelly, Noah Huntley.
1/28/99 MOV115 Alien Cargo A deep-space mining craft is attacked by alien microbes.
Starring Jason London, Missy Crider.
2/04/99 MOV116 Roswell: The Aliens Attack Two aliens are sent to the American Southwest fo destroy man's nuclear capability.
Starring Steven Flynn, Kate Greenhouse.
2/11/99 MOV117 Lost in the Bermuda Triangle A woman who was lost overboard during a sudden, violent storm in the Bermuda Triangle is found on a mystical island by her husband, who financed a scientific expedition to blast through to the "other side."
Starring Tom Verica, Graham Beckel.
2/18/99 MOV118 The Last Man on Planet Earth After a devastating world war, only two percent of Earth's population is male. A female scientist illegally creates a male child, who is pursued by the female powers that be.
Starring Julie Bowen, Tamlyn Tamita.
2/25/99 MOV119 Escape from Mars The first manned mission to Mars is hampered with technical and natural hazards.
Starring Christine Elise, Peter Outerbridge.
3/04/99 MOV104R Inferno
3/18/99 MOV101R I Married A Monster
3/25/99 MOV120 Killer Deal In a future world where organ transplants can grant eternal life and the poor sell their body parts for millions, a down-on-his-luck cop awakens to discover that he has been targeted to become an organ donor against his will.
Starring Rick Rossovich, Claudette Mink.
4/01/99 MOV106R Lost Souls
4/22/99 MOV121 Dying to Live A high school diving star is able to communicate with his recently deceased girlfriend when she inhabits the body of a mutual friend.
Starring Jonathan Frakes.
5/06/99 MOV122 Primal Force Rescurers are sent to a deserted island to save the survivors of a plane crash who are being attacked by genetically altered animals.
Starring Ron Perlman.
5/13/99 MOV123 Survivor While digging at unprecedented depths, an oil rig strikes an alien space capsule, unleashing a creature sent to Earth thousands of years ago to farm humans for alien consumption.
Starring Greg Evigan.
5/20/99 MOV124 Life in a Day A female child is born and grows to maturity within 24 hours in a scientist's lab. Having fallen in love with the girl mid-experiment, the scientist struggles to arrest the aging of his patient.
Starring Michael Goorjian, Chandra West.
5/27/99 MOV105R Riddler's Moon
6/03/99 MOV125 Star Command
6/10/99 MOV103R Chameleon
6/17/99 MOV107R Dream House
6/24/99 MOV102R 30-Years-To-Life
7/01/99 MOV110R Out There
8/05/99 MOV112R Amanda & the Alien
8/13/99 MOV120R Killer Deal
8/26/99 MOV113R The Darwin Conspiracy
8/27/99 MOV114R The Cyber-Stalking
10/08/99 MOV201 Chameleon II: Death Match Starring Bobbie Phillips.

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