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Moesha is not returning for a 7th season

Dean Valentine said that they believed that Moesha had run it course and that it was time to freshen up the night [Daily Variety - 5/17/01]

Monday (8:00 pm, ET/PT)

UPN's popular half-hour comedy series "Moesha" stars the multiple award-winning superstar actress/singer Brandy as Moesha Mitchell, a vivacious teenage girl trying to figure out her place in life. At every turn, Moesha - along with her friends and family - experiences hilarious new challenges associated with the pressures and demands of growing up.

Set in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles, the critically acclaimed series, which received a 1996 Parents' Choice Silver Honor, realistically and humorously portrays a modern middle-class family: Frank Mitchell, a Saturn dealer and devoted dad; Dee Mitchell, a dedicated educator attempting to master additional careers as wife and stepmother; Myles Mitchell, a young boy with boundless energy and a comment for almost every occasion; and Moesha, a teenager in the midst of shaping her own identity.

When not at home with her family, Moesha hangs with best friend Kim Parker; her boy-crazy pal Niecy; childhood friend, neighbor and frequent mealtime guest Hakeem Campbell; and confidante Andell, who owns and operates their favorite meeting place, The Den.

There's a lot in store for "Moesha's" fourth season as the title character, still living out of her father's house, enters her senior year of high school (yearning to return to her neighborhood Crenshaw High). Moesha faces all the trials and tribulations that come with senior year - the Homecoming Dance, college entrance exams, grown-up romance, and an uncertain future. On the threshold of adulthood, Moesha is challenged by balancing her need for individuality and independence without breaking away from her protective father, Frank, and close-knit family. Their relationship takes a turn as Frank realizes he won't always be able to protect Moesha and instead, must prepare her to make her own decisions, in college and beyond. Other family ties are tested when Moesha confides in her stepmother Dee instead of Frank. All the while she frequents the social scene, attending concerts and parties with her friends, and continues to blossom into a young adult at home.

Starring are Brandy as Moesha Mitchell; Sheryl Lee Ralph as Dee Mitchell; William Allen Young as Frank Mitchell; Countess Vaughn as Kim Parker; Marcus T. Paulk as Myles Mitchel 1; Lamont Bentley as Hakeem Campbell; Yvette Wilson as Andell; and Shar Jackson as Niecy.

The executive producers are Sara Finney and Vida Spears. The series was created by Sara Finney, Vida Spears and Ralph Farquhar. "Moesha" is filmed before a studio audience in Hollywood and is a production of Big Ticket Television (213-860-7400).


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