Marcus T. Paulk

[Marcus T. Paulk] as Myles Mitchell

10-year-old Marcus T. Paulk stars as Myles Mitchell, the precocious little brother of Moesha Mitchell, in UPN's popular comedy series "Moesha."

When Paulk was just three-and-a-half-years-old, his parents realized that their son loved hip-hop dancing and wanted to perform, so they took the toddler to dance on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, a legendary performance space for street comics, artists and dancers. Late in the summer of 1995, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia's security team saw Paulk and his brother dancing on the boardwalk and asked if they would perform for the family at their Los Angeles mansion. They did, on granite floors and surrounded by servants, the very next night.

The adventures continued. At age six, his mother took him to an M.C. Hammer concert. Decked out like the performer, in "balloon pants," Paulk danced in the aisles and was soon spotted by a member of the rap artist's team. He was invited on stage where he danced atop a giant speaker for his idol, Hammer, and the audience.

Coincidentally, he later became a regular on the series "Hammerman," the rapper's series combining live action and animation. He has also recurred on "Me and the Boys," had featured roles on "Thea" and "Grace Under Fire" and guest starred on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"; the children's series "Storytime"; "The Sinbad Show"; and "Martin." In addition, he had a supporting role in the Disney TV movie "Safety Patrol" and did voice-over work on the film "Die Hard with a Vengeance," as well as the children's series "Happily Ever After." The young actor starred as Martin Lawrence's son in the feature film "Nothing to Lose" and as Wesley Snipes' son in "One Night Stand."

Paulk has also performed on stage and in music and instructional videos. A gifted impressionist, Paulk portrays "Wanda," the "ugly girl" character created by comedian Jamie Foxx on the sketch series "In Living Color"; Michael Jackson; and Martin Lawrence's character from the television series "Martin."

A proponent of good causes and a frequent participant in fund-raisers, Paulk was the 1997 national spokesperson for the "Kids are Paramount" campaign, which seeks to empower children with courage and confidence to overcome obstacles. His work on "Moesha" brought him nominations for a Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award and a Young Artist award from the Academy for Professional Entertainers.

He and his family reside in Los Angeles.


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