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Monday (9:30 pm, ET/PT)

The multi-talented Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who spent eight seasons as Theo Huxtable on the groundbreaking "The Cosby Show" and has since garnered further acclaim as a director, stars with popular stand-up comedian Eddie Griffin in UPN's half-hour comedy "Malcolm & Eddie." The sitcom focuses on two twentysomething men who couldn't be more different but somehow forge a friendship and business partnership in a Kansas City bar.

Laid-back Malcolm and high-strung Eddie have been through a great deal together. They won the Missouri State Lottery, bought a building and started their own businesses, then sold them and went their separate ways.

Eddie, who long ago was jilted at the altar, goes to console Malcolm after he, too is rejected by an errant bride-to-be. Both a stone's throw from rock bottom, they decide to try what has worked in the past - establishing a partnership.

Hoping to strike gold again, they sublet Malcolm's former sports bar and re-open it as a jazz bar. They work together, despite their drastically different personalities, to make a success of the do-or-die venture. Even though Malcolm must constantly contend with Eddie's impulsive behavior, he can't help but like his odd friend with the big heart.

Neighborhood nuisance Nicolette finally realizes she's not well suited for her job as a policewoman and quits. She is subsequently adrift with a new vocation each week. Although her crush on Eddie has diminished, she still comes around often to share her excessive enthusiasm.

Starring are Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Malcolm McGee, Eddie Griffin as Eddie Sherman, and Karen Malina White as Nicolette Vandross.

David Duclon ("Family Matters") is the executive producer. Gary Menteer, Stephen Langford, Doug McHenry, George Jackson and Pam Warner are the co-executive producers. "Malcolm & Eddie" is filmed before a studio audience in Hollywood, California, and is a production of TriStar Television.


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