Malcolm & Eddie

David Duclon

Executive Producer

TV veteran David Duclon is executive producer of "Malcolm & Eddie," UPN's popular comedy series that focuses on two twentysomething men who couldn't be more different but somehow forge a friendship and business partnership in a Kansas City bar.

Duclon got his first job in television when Garry Marshall hired him as a writer on "The Odd Couple" in 1970. He ultimately was story editor on that show for two years and executive story editor for three more. He also produced "Bustin' Loose," and was supervising producer on "Working Stiffs" and "Laverne & Shirley."

He produced "The Jeffersons" for five years and was co-creator and executive producer on "Silver Spoons" for two years. After creating and executive producing "Punky Brewster" and "On Our Own," he moved to "Family Matters," which he co-executive produced for two years and executive produced for six more.

Ducion was raised in Rockford, Illinois and attended Drake University and USC. Married for 17 years to wife, Deborah, they have an 11 year-old daughter, Danielle.


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