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(Dr. Ron Aimes) "I've always just gravitated toward storytelling, and with the early inspiration of such comedic 'storytellers' as Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Bill Cosby, I knew that I had made the right choice, and I always wanted an occupation that made sense for me," says stand-up comedian/actor Rondell Sheridan.

Born on a August 15 and raised in Chicago, Sheridan, who is frequently compared to the legendary Cosby, first became interested in comedy during college after meeting a woman who was a stand-up comic. Infatuated with his new friend, he began to accompany her to the various comedy clubs in New York City.

Sheridan received some pivotal advice from his friend, and another rising young comic, John Mendoza, who suggested that Rondell go straight into headlining in New York City and avoid multi-city travel on the road. "That's exactly what I did, says Sheridan, I stayed in town, began to headline and never looked back. That was great advice."

Taking a cue from stand-up comics who have made the transition to successful television sitcoms, Sheridan began to focus on what television influences made their mark with him. "In my early TV watching days I was inspired by the father and son relationship in 'The Courtship Of Eddie's Father,' says Sheridan."It seemed to be one of the few sincere relationships dealing with realistic situations on television, way ahead of it's time." " "I've always loved the hilarity of Bob Newhart's first show in which the office played a big part of his life, and that's why we've included such a great group of actors to give you a vision of what life at the office is like for this child psychologist," continues the young actor. "Ironically, Peter Bonerz, who played Jerry the orthodontist in Newhart's office directed our pilot episode."

"Dr. Ron Aimes is a child at heart who can relate to children, says Sheridan that's why I feel very close to the character, because I still feel very young inside," he emphasizes.

Sheridan's additional television credits include guest starring roles in the series "Where I Live" and "A Different World." In addition Sheridan has performed stand up comedy on "The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson," "Comic Strip Live," "Motown On Campus," "Arsenio Hall Show," "A Pair of Jokers" and "Stand-Up Sit Down."

His theater credits include Off-Broadway productions of "Between Now and Then" and "Satyricon."

In his spare time Sheridan enjoys writing on his computer and songwriting in his music studio. He is single and lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend.