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(Darby Gladstone) "I base the character of spacey medical receptionist Darby Gladstone on one of my best friend's personalities and give it my own flair," says actress Sara Rue, who won critical acclaim for her television debut in the role of "Edda Pasetti," Pamela Reed's daughter in the NBC television series "Grand."

Born (January 26) in New York City and now based in Los Angeles, Rue has had the chance to learn her craft from some of the best in the business, "I've been very fortunate in that they've all been so nice in taking the time to teach me about acting," says Rue. In her first film role she was cast as Burt Lancaster's grandaughter in "Rocket Gibraltor" to be followed by the role of Bob Hoskin's daughter in "Passed Away."

Rue's industry role models also include her parents, who were both in the business and willingly took their daughter to all the Broadway shows in New York when she was growing up. Perhaps destined to be an actress, she literally became an (Off) Broadway baby, as her father was stage-managing the pre-Broadway tour of "Do You Turn Somersaults," starring Mary Martin, when her mother, due to give birth on opening night of the play, took an aisle seat just in case. Sara was born soon after the show opened, and the reviews were in.

Her additional television credits include "Phenom," "Blossom" and "Roseanne."

Her theater credits include productions of "Shallow End" and "Seventh Word, Four Syllables," at New York's Ensemble Studio Theater.

In her spare time Rue loves to sing and play her guitar. She composes her own songs and has performed in various Los Angeles coffee houses. Rue has also written one-act plays for the theater and has recently completed her first full length screenplay.