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(Dr. Francine Bailey) If you said that Linda Kash was pregnant with anticipation during her audition for the role of Dr. Francine Bailey, you'd be partially right. She was 6 months pregnant with her first child, who is due on the first day of production for the new comedy series.

"I'm very lucky to be involved with such an understanding and supportive cast, especially the wardrobe department," says Kash. It's a good thing that I play a pediatrician because the character is usually seen in a large doctor's coat." A hopeful first time mother, Kash says Dr. Bailey is quite the opposite as she's an angry divorced woman, whom "I think is really into the bitterness, she's really enjoying it."

Kash was born on a January 17 in Montreal to parents who are both performers: her father a violinist; her mother, an opera singer. With five children in the family, Kash found a way to get noticed. "I was always singing, especially on those silent home videos where you're always trying to ham your way into the camera's eye away from a brother or sister," says Kash.

"Of course my own mother was a very strong, independent woman with a career, so the concept of working in the business came very natural to me, " she continues. Kash got the chance to work with a 'very bright group of women,' when she became a regular on the short-lived comedy series, "SHE TV" "This was a fantastic opportunity for me," says Kash, very similar to my experience with The Second City Comedy Troupe, where you are writing as well as performing the material." Her additional television credits include "Seinfeld," "Partners 'N Love" and "Maniac Mansion."

Kash's theater credits include appearing in "Family: A Dysfunctional Play in 17 Co-dependent Acts" at the Up Front Comedy Club in Santa Monica, CA and in Canadian productions of "Fire," "Comedy Of Errors," "Blood Brothers" and "The Tempest." Her credits for the Second City Mainstage include "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a Baby" in which Kash was nominated for a 1987 Gemini Award for Best Actress in Variety/Comedy, "Not Based On Anything By Stephen King," a nominee for the 1986 Dora Award for Best Actress In a Musical/Revue, "Bordering On Madness," nominee for 1986 Dora Award, Best Actress in a Musical/Revue, and "Andy Warhol: Your 15 Minutes Are Up."

During her spare time Kash and her husband enjoy weekend explorations in different parts of California and are looking forward to including their firstborn on those future trips."We hope our child will want to be a scientist, both being actors, we're looking to branch out,' says Kash.