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AIRING TUESDAY, MAY 2 (8:00-9:00 P.M., ET/PT)

"Legend on His President's Secret Service" - Ernest Pratt must impersonate his ficitious character, Nicodemus Legend and kidnap President Grant to thwart an assassination attempt that would plunge America back into the Civil War, on "Legend" airing TUESDAY, MAY 2 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT), on UPN.

Guest starring Ken Jenkins as Ethan Catridge Steele, Fionnula Flanagan as Julia Grant, Leah Lail as Abigail Steele, Alan Brooks as Potter, G.W. Bailey as Ulysses S. Grant, Robert Shelton as Grady, Aaron Chadwick as Rubin, Patrick Moord as Lynch, Ana Auther as Henrietta, Maro Miles as Redneck #1 and Stephen Foster as Redneck #2.

The episode is written by Robert Wilcox and directed by Michael Vejar.

MacGyver Notes

Michael Vejar directed the following MacGyver episodes: The Widowmaker, Murderer's Sky, The Secret of Parker House, The Outsiders, Battle of Tommy Giordano, Tough Boys, Bitter Harvest and The Eye of Osiris.


  1. During the Civil War, what unit was Legend supposedly with?
  2. What was the name of the yankee Major with whom Abigail's mother had an affair?
  3. What is Henrietta's room number?
  4. What was Col. Steele's nickname for his daughter?
  5. What is the name of President Grant's brother?
  6. In what town was the crippled boy to whom Julia claims Grant gave his copy of "When Legend Comes Marching Home?"
  7. What does Ramos use to disable Rubin and Lynch?
  8. What does Abigail claim to have dropped to explain the noise of Pratt dropping into her room?
  9. What is the device Pratt and Bartok use to overhear the conversation in the bunkhouse?
  10. With what does Col. Steele prefer to duel?



"Right now it's delightfully useless. And we shall follow through with this useless research wherever it may take us." -- Bartok


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