LEGEND Birth of a Legend

TUESDAY, APRIL 18 (8:00-10:00 P.M., ET/PT)

Richard Dean Anderson stars as turn-of-the-century novelist Ernest Pratt, an ink-stained wretch who reluctantly becomes the imposter of his own ficitious character, the gallant and celebrated Nicodemus Legend, in "Legend." The western adventure series, which combines special effects, stunts, historic characters and settings, premieres as a special two-hour presentation, TUESDAY, APRIL 18 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT) on UPN. "Legend" has its regular time period premiere on Tuesday, April 25 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT).

The series premiere, "Birth of a Legend," introduces the gambling, womanizing, hard-drinking writer Ernest Pratt, who has created a dashing literary hero, Nicodemus Legend, as the main character in his series of fime novels set in the untamed West. Pratt's wildly imaginative stories are written in the first person, giving readers the impression that the exploits are real and that Ernest Pratt is actually Nicodemus Legend, and adventurous man dedicated to justice and science.

When Pratt learns that a warrant has mistakenly been issued for the arrest of Legend in Sheridan, Colorado, he travels there to clear the name of his mythical hero. Soon after his arrival, he meets a great admirer of his clever Western tales - an eccentric European scientist/inventor, Janos Bartok - who has taken the liberty of borrowing the Legend persona in order to help the local townspeople. Bartok convinces Pratt to assume the identity of his own literary creation, and to use Legend's celebrity as power over enemies who are attempting a land takeover. When Bartok and his apprentice, Huitzilopichtli Ramos (Mark Adair Prios), demonstrates how their scientific expertise and outlandish inventions (inspired by Pratt's novels) can bolster the impression that he really is Legend. Pratt reluctantly agrees to the scheme.

Guest Starring Stephanie Beacham as Vera Slaughter, Katherine Moffat as Katherine Sullivan, John Pennell as Silas Slaughter, Douglas Rowe as Sheriff Sam Moats, Jarrad Paul as Skeeter, Tim Thomerson as John Wesley Coe, Pete Schrum as Aidar Brull, Betsy Beard as Mrs. Brull, Stephanie Copperman as Victoria, Dick Bellerue as Geezer, Forrie J. Smith as Jesse James, Monty Stuart as Frank James, Karen Veau as Mom, Savannah Morgan as Girl, Nicholas Glaesser as Antonio, Jack Ong as Mr. Fat, Eddie Mui as Son, Jerry Woods as Man with knife, Jennifer Wilson as Miss Freeman, Merik Woodmansee as Autograph boy, Bob Sorenson as Barman and John Furlong as Governor Denehy.

Written by Michael Piller and Bill Dial, and directed by Charles Correll.

MacGyver Notes

John de Lancie appeared in the episode "Escape" as the missionary/arms dealer, Brian.

Director Charles Correll frequently worked on MacGyver. Some of his work includes: Everytime She Smiles, Ugly Duckling, The Human Factor, Wish Child, Jack of Lies, Blood Brothers, On a Wing and a Prayer, Easy Target, Unfinished Business, and Halloween Knights.


  1. In the "Legend" story Pratt is writing, what bank do the James boys rob?
  2. According to Pratt of what does a Chinatown flush consist?
  3. In what book did Legend go to Colorado?
  4. For what paper is Titus Berman the Denver correspondent?
  5. What did Coe pay Skeeter to deliver a message to Legend?
  6. How many notches does Coe have on his gun?
  7. How old is Sheridan?
  8. What does Pratt claimed to have discussed with Samuel Clemens?
  9. What percentage of Vera's business was the Governor going to get, before Legend soured the deal?
  10. Who did Vera hire as Silas' defense attorney?



"He leaps wide canyons, runs like a deer, swims like a spawning salmon. Except for the spawning part, I can't do any of that." -- Ernest Pratt Birth of A Legend


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