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[Bruce McGill]

Bruce McGill

DB: 7/11 San Antonia, TX

Bruce McGill stars as Joe Vitale, the veteran Re-Action News executive producer in Live Shot, the new, fast-paced ensemble drama series from RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.

On television, McGill starred as the series lead in Delta House and Semi Tough. He also had recurring roles in Davis Rules and MacGyver, and appeared as a guest star in such series as Sweet Justice, Home Improvement, The Commish and Quantum Leap, among many others.

His television movie credits include the Quantum Leap pilot, the critically acclaimed mini-series Baby M and the recent TNT production The Good Old Boys, on which Tommy Lee Jones made his directorial debut.

Prominent on McGill's extensive list of feature film credits are roles in Clint Eastwood's "A Perfect World," the Jean Claude Van Damme hit "Time Cop," "My Cousin Vinnie," "Silkwood" and "Animal House."

He is a native of San Antonio, Texas.

Live Shot is produced by RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.


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