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[Antonia Jones]

Antonia Jones

DB: 3/16 Fairbanks, AK

Antonia Jones is newsroom desk assistant Peggy Traynor in Live Shot, the new, fast-paced ensemble drama series from RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.

Jones' television credits include a guest starring role in Melrose Place, and the recurring role of Sara in Robert DeNiro's anthology series Tribeca. She also appeared in the CBS television movie In My Daughter's Name, starring Donna Mills.

In feature films, she was cast as the lead in the Disney educational films "Shelter From The Storm" and "Loaded Weapon," and was featured in the direct-to-video release "The Intruder," directed by Anton Holden.

On stage, Jones starred in "Hello Out There" and "Ten Little Milknoses." She also has a long list of commercial credits.

She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and grew up in Libertyville, Illinois.

Live Shot is produced by RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.


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