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Dan Guntzelman

Creator/Executive Producer

With his new, fast-paced ensemble drama series Live Shot, creator and executive producer Dan Guntzelman continues to demonstrate the creative talents that have made him one of the most sought after writer/producers in the television industry.

Originally created with frequent writing partner Steve Marshall more than 10 years ago, Live Shot is a fast-paced ensemble drama focusing on the people and personalities inside the most frenzied, dog-eat-dog work environment of all: the local television newsroom.

The action takes place at fictitious Los Angeles station KXZX. The pulse of the station, the "Re-Action News"-room, is a densely-populated Peyton Place on adrenaline, replete with more stories behind the camera than could ever be captured on tape. Live Shot is produced by RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.

Guntzelman, with Marshall, served for five years as executive producer, and often writer, of more than 145 episodes of Growing Pains. For three years during the run of that hit comedy, Guntzelmam and Marshall created and concurrently executive produced a spin-off series, Just the Ten of Us. They had previously created Off The Rack, starring Ed Asner and Eileen Brennan.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Guntzelman began writing films at the early age of 12. He started professionally as a news cinematographer for, coincidentally, WKRC television in Cincinnat, then became a commercial cinematographer and finally a producer for the station.

Following his success at WKRC, Guntzelman became a partner in Alliance Pictures Corporation (1970-1976). While there, he produced 70mm special format films for the Taft Broadcasting chain of amusement parks. In 1976, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry writing feature films. After selling one screenplay, he joined the staff of, coincidentally, WKRP in Cincinnati as a writer. He was soon elevated to the rank of producer. It was on this highly-regarded series that Guntzelman met Marshall, who had joined the staff as a story editor, and began a frequent and fruitful writing collaboration.

After WKRP ended in 1982, Guntzelman, with Marshall created the pilot Cass Malloy. The two then became executive producers of the All in the Family spin-off Gloria, starring Sally Struthers and Burgess Meredith.

Guntzelman's feature film writing credits include "Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise," "Hot Water," "Advance Man" and Dick Clark Productions' "Bandstand."

The prolific writer/producer, who has also served as executive producer of Thunder Alley and creator and executive producer of the CBS special National Lampoon's True Facts and the ABC series Willy, is a member of the DGA. He is married to Lissa Levin a writer/producer, with whom he has a son, Kanin, and daughter, Logan.

Live Shot is produced by RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.


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