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Tom Byrd

DB: 5/18 Phillippine Islands

Tom Byrd is Lou Waller, the ex-jock sportscaster with a secret he fears could ruin his career, in Live Shot, the new, fast-paced ensemble drama series from RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.

Byrd starred as the historical title character in the NBC series Boone, and has had featured roles in Newhart, Gimme a Break, Heart of the City and Quincy. He has made guest star appearances in series such as Murder She Wrote, One West Waikiki, St. Elsewhere, Nightingales, The Facts of Life, Remington Steele, Alice, Laverne and Shirley, Family Ties and True Colors.

He has also appeared in the television movies Kane and Abel, Love Thy Neighbor and Malice in Wonderland and starred in the telefilm Wet Gold and Girls of the White Orchid.

Byrd was born in the Philippine Islands.

Live Shot is produced by RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.


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