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David Birney

DB: 4/23 Washington, D.C.

David Birney, well-known theater and television star, returns to series television as Harry Chandler Moore, KXZX's "Beacon of Truth" veteran news anchor whose blend of on-camera charisma and confidence and off-camera insecurity and vanity provide comic counterpoint to the dramatic substance of Live Shot, the new, fast-paced ensemble drama series from RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.

Birney's substantial television credits include starring roles in the series St. Elsewhere, Serpico, Glitter and Bridget Loves Bernie, as well as in the miniseries Night of the Fox, Secrets, Testimony of Two Men, The Bible, Valley of the Dolls and Master of the Game.

His extensive television movie credits include leading roles in Always Remember I Love You, Love and Betrayal, Keeping Secrets, The Five of Me, High Midnight, Ohms, The Deadly Game, and Long Journey Home, which he also co-produced.

His impressive body of stage work includes starring roles on Broadway in "Amadeus," "Man and Superman" and "Benefactors." He has played a spectrum of leading roles, from Shakespeare's Hamlet and MacBeth, to musical theater's Higgins in "My Fair Lady" and Arthur in "Camelot"; from Benedict in "Much Ado About Nothing' and Richard III, to Matt Friedman in "Talley's Follies" and Lermy Ganz in "Rumors." These performances have placed him in some of the country's most important theaters, and in some of theater's most respected companies and festivals, including New York's Lincoln Center, the New York Shakespeare Festival, Washington's Shakespeare Theatre, St. Louis Municipal Opera and the Mark Taper Forurn, to name a few.

He has adapted and directed for the stage Mark Twain's "The Diaries of Adam and Eve," in which he also starred for the PBS series American Playhouse. The staged show is scheduled for tours in the Fall and Spring of '95-'96.

He was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Cleveland, OH, and holds a B.A. in English literature from Dartmouth College, an M.A. from UCLA in theatre arts, acting and directing, and an honorary doctorate in humanities from Southern Utah State CoUege.

Birney, the father of five, is a prominent advocate for children's education and health and has served on the National Endowment Theater Panel. He lives in Santa Monica.

Live Shot is produced by RYSHER Entertainment for broadcast on UPN.


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