The voice of The Hulk in
UPN KIDS' The Incredible Hulk

Actor Lou Ferrigno reprises the role of The Hulk, the green beast who personifies the dark side of scientist Bruce Banner, when the classic Marvel Comics superhero makes his long awaited return to television in the animated series THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Ferrigno provides the voice of the popular character in the series airing SUNDAYS (10:00-10:30 a.m., ET/PT) on UPN KIDS.

Lou Ferripo starred in the popular primetime television series The Incredible Hulk from 1978-82. Since then, he has enjoyed a succession of acting roles in episodic television, live theatre and motion pictures. In 1983, Ferrigno played the character John Six on the television series Trauma Center. Subsequently, he added further distinction to his career and fulfilled a childhood dream with his portrayal of Hercules in the motion picture of the same name, and in its sequel, The Adventures of Hercules. Recently he attained another goal, that which all serious actors aspire to... the stage. In Texas, Canada and the Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago, he was afforded the opportunity to recreate the renowned Boris Karloff role in the stage production of "Arsenic and Old Lace" and received outstanding reviews for his performance.

A former sheet metal worker, Ferrigno became the youngest and only man in history to win the coveted Mr. Universe title two years in succession. Ferrigno displays his 6' 4," 225 pound stature as a testament to the discipline and dedication which in 1974 garnered him the Mr. Teenage America, Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. International titles, thus establishing himself as a mainstay in worldwide body building competition.

Ferrigno spent a brief period playing professional football for the Toronto Argonauts, but decided soon thereafter to move to California to renew his career in body building. Inspired by the desire to impart to others the necessity of exercise and a healthy diet, Ferrigno gave seminars, hosted competitions and trained for the coveted Mr. Olympia contest. It was at that time that Universal Studios asked him to test for The Incredible Hulk. The producers of the show were so impressed by his magnificent physique and personable nature that he was immediately signed for the role of The Hulk in the television series. In a short two year span, Ferrigno's life was transformed from that of a former sheet metal worker to an international celebrity.

Regarding the challenges of the role, Ferrigno commented, "Since I had to portray emotion without speaking, my role was very difficult at times. It was truly 'Rudolph Valentino time,' but I made it work. I also thought my size might be a problem but I soon realized that I can use my size to develop a unique presence." Indeed, it was that presence that established Ferrigno as a hero to children around the world.

When Ferrigno is not busy with the demands of a hectic personal appearance schedule, he enjoys the solitude of his Southern California retreat with his wife Carla and his children, Shawna, Lou, Jr., and Brent.

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