Good News


MONDAY, AUGUST 25 (9:00-9:30 P.M. ET/PT) ON UPN

Starring David Ramsey As Pastor David Randolph,
Roz Ryan, Tracey Cherelle Jones, Alexia Robinson and Guy Torry

PREMIERE EPISODE -- A young, good-looking pastor arrives at his new ministry and realizes he has his work cut out for him as he is immediately bedeviled by disgruntled church members, an off-key choir and a bossy volunteer who thinks she's God, when "Good News" premieres on MONDAY AUGUST 25 (9:00-9:30 p.m. ET/PT) on UPN. The premiere episode is written & directed by Creator/Executive Producer Ed. Weinberger.

David Ramsey makes his starring series debut as the young and eligible Pastor David Randolph, who must maintain the patience of Job when he arrives as the replacement pastor for The Church of Life. He is greeted by the church's elders, who immediately inform him that they are unhappy with his arrival and are going to attend services at another church. However, not all of his flock have abandoned him. Vera Hudson, the very unmarried church secretary, has taken a fancy to the pastor, which becomes even more apparent when Pastor Randolph interviews Mona Philips, a very beautiful -- and also single -- woman, for the job of the church's new youth director. He is also confronted by the very formidable Mrs. Dixon, a church volunteer for over 20 years who has opinions and is making sure everyone knows them. On the other hand, the pastor is helped out by choir member Little T, who has a huge crush on the talkative Cassie Coleman. Pastor Randolph is later confronted by the greatest challenge in his career when he is approached by Mrs. Dixon's son, Eldridge, with a very personal problem. The young man is gay and needs the pastor's help to tell his mother. Pastor Randolph prays for guidance with Mrs. Dixon and hopes that The Church of Life won't be the death of him.

Joining David Ramsey [as Pastor David Randolph] are Roz Ryan ("Amen") as Mrs. Dixon, Guy Torry as Little T, Alexia Robinson ("Savannah") as Mona Philips and Tracey Cherelle Jones as Cassie. Rose Jackson Moye plays Vera Hudson.

Guest starring are Dwaine Perry as Eldridge Dixon, Earl Billings as Deacon Brooks, Patricia Belcher as Sister Hudson, Ed Cambridge as Associate Pastor Blake, Gerry Black as Josh Tibbs, Dominic Walters as Dominic, Justin Spaulding as Justin, Robert Howe as Daniel, Carol Dennis as Choir Member #1, Anna Maria Horsford as Choir Member #2, Melissa Nixon as Mrs. Watson and Edna Tatum as a Church Member.

Ed. Weinberger is the creator and executive producer. Samm-Art Williams is the executive producer. David Chambers, Reuben Cannon and Robi Reed-Humes are the co-executive producers. Darice Rollins is the producer and Bruce Johnson is the line producer.

"Good News" is produced by MTM Enterprises, Inc.