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Monday (8:00 pm, ET/PT)

Aaahh, a bachelor's life: parties, women, music, work and - a six-year-old brother? Such is the predicament for Sean Barker and Jared Harris when Jared's little brother Maestro comes to live with them after his father accepts a freelance position overseas. Now the two swingin' single guys are forced to give up some of the perks of bachelorhood and develop their parenting skills, crude as they may be. From executive producers Dan Schneider ("Kenan & Kel," "Good Burger") and Barry O'Brien ("Perfect Strangers," "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper"), UPN's half-hour sitcom "Guys Like Us" is a hilarious look at bachelor life - with a little twist.

Sean, an aspiring musician, is less than thrilled when he learns of the agreement that his roommate Jared has made with his father. In fact, he shudders at the thought of tying shoelaces, watching "Rugrats" and being responsible for anyone other than himself. But it's not long before Sean gets used to having Maestro around.

Conversely, Jared, the more responsible, career-oriented roommate, is concerned with the negative influence that Sean might have on his little brother (he knows from experience that Sean would feed a six-year-old Doritos and whipped cream for breakfast!). Nonetheless, while Sean may have a thing or two to learn about raising kids, he's got a big heart and is loads of fun to have around.

"Guys Like Us" is a fresh, humorous look at how life changes for a couple of twentysomething bachelors when a first grader enters the mix. The dynamics and witty repartee between the two wildly different buddies and their unpredictable new roommate spawn laughter and fun that families can enjoy together.

Starring are Chris Hardwick ("Singled Out") as Sean Barker; Bumper Robinson ("Family Matters") as Jared Harris and six-year-old newcomer Maestro Harrell as Maestro Harris.

Dan Schneider and Barry O'Brien are the executive producers. "Guys Like Us" is filmed in Hollywood, California, and is a production of Columbia TriStar Television.


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