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Monday (9:00 pm, ET/PT)

The White House is in a public relations nightmare and can't wake up. The President is under siege for frolicking with buxom female staffers while the much maligned First Lady has taken to throwing temper tantrums in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, a high-ranking official in the armed forces is under investigation for a little hanky panky. But somehow, public approval of The Man on Pennsylvania Avenue remains high.

Sound familiar?

It should. And it's all part of "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer," the outrageous new UPN comedy poised to blow the lid off the biggest scandals in the White House (President Abraham Lincoln's, that is).

"We want to tell the behind-the-scenes stories, what really went on back there," says Executive Producer Mort Nathan. "And you can't prove that it didn't," adds Executive Producer Barry Fanaro. "We're counting on that."

Chi McBride stars as Desmond Pfeiffer (that's P-Feiffer; the 'P' isn't silent), who, during the Civil War, becomes a confidant of President Abraham Lincoln, as well as that of the lovelorn First Lady, Mary Todd Lincoln. Aside from being the President's one-man kitchen cabinet, Desmond's duties as White House butler are aided and abetted by his personal servant, Nibblet, who does his master's bidding with a dollop of pointless, er, pointed commentary.

Desmond's explosive diary probes the inner secrets of the mid-19th century Lincoln administration, chronicling First Family marital woes, "social" policy disagreements, General Ulysses S. Grant's fatal attraction for anything that floats in the bottom of a glass, logrolling, filibusters, Mrs. Lincoln's bathtub proclivities, Honest Abe's high school reunion, telegraph sex and other sundry events.

Starring are Chi McBride ("The John Larroquette Show") as Desmond Pfeiffer; Max Baker ("Van-pires") as Nibblet; Dann Florek ("Law & Order") as Abraham Lincoln; and Christine Estabrook ("The Crew") as Mary Todd Lincoln.

The Emmy award-winning team of Mort Nathan and Barry Fanaro ("Golden Girls," "Kingpin") are executive producers. The producer is Marica Govons. "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer" is filmed before an audience at Paramount Studios and is a production of Paramount Network Television.


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