Desmond Pfeiffer

Chi McBride

as Desmond Pfeiffer

Chi McBride stars as Desmond Pfeiffer (that's P-Feiffer; the "P" isn't silent), the key advisor to President Abraham Lincoln in "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer," UPN's new half-hour comedy that takes place in an alternate universe version of the Civil War-era White House.

"I'm very glad to be a part of something that tweaks the noses of those who choose to be politically correct," says McBride. "Plus, it's damn funny."

Born and raised in Chicago, McBride was a gifted student who graduated high school at 16. After a succession of jobs, McBride found a position in Customer Service at MCI, where he honed his sense of humor fielding complaint calls from around the country.

"Not a day went by," McBride says, "that someone didn't tell me, 'You're so funny you ought to be on television!' Eventually, I took that advice. So ready or not, I moved out to Los Angeles with $169 between me and nothing," McBride recalls.

In the six years since McBride came to Los Angeles, he's had great success. For four years he starred as "Gene," the wise-cracking janitor on the hit comedy "The John Larroquette Show," and received critical acclaim for his starring role in the Hudlin Brothers' "Tang," part of HBO's multi-cultural trilogy "Cosmic Slop."

McBride has also starred in films including "The Distinguished Gentleman," with Eddie Murphy; "What's Love Got to Do With It," with Laurence Fishburne; "The Great White Hype," with Damon Wayans; "The Frighteners," with Michael J. Fox; and "Hoodlum," in which he played gangster Laurence Fishburne's cousin.

McBride splits his time between his hometown of Chicago and Los Angeles. A sports enthusiast, McBride is an avid golfer and recently followed the Chicago Bulls from city to city during their just concluded NBA play-offs.


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