Joe Guzaldo

as Sergeant Kazmerek

Joe Guzaldo stars as Sergeant Kazmerek in "DiResta," UPN's new half-hour comedy based on the real life of transit cop, stand-up comedian and family man John DiResta. Kazmerek is the supercilious boss of DiResta, with whom he often tangles.

"It's so fun to play Kazmerek. He's really a character you can bite into, very much the guy you love to hate," says Guzaldo.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Guzaldo pursued musical theater relentlessly in high school. "I did every musical we had. 'Godspell,' 'Hello, Dolly,' I did all the classics. My parents were singers, so I have it in my blood. But after school, I thought I should have a regular job as a back up so I worked on the Chicago stock exchange for a couple of years," Guzaldo recalls.

However, Guzaldo never quite got rid of the acting bug. Eventually he enrolled in the Goodman School of Drama, where he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

He appeared in several Chicago productions including "Lost in Yonkers"; "The Glass Menagerie"; "Long Day's Journey into Night"; "City on the Make"; "Ghost on Fire"; and "The Dining Room."

He has starred in television series including "Untouchables"; "Ace in the Hole"; "The Second Half"; "Angel Street"; "Partners in Life"; "Tickets Please"; "Stir Crazy"; and "Home Again."

Guzaldo has been featured in the films "Hoods"; "The Fugitive"; "Public Eye"; "Bingo"; "The Music Box"; and "The Package."

Guzaldo is single and splits his time between residences in Chicago and Los Angeles.


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