John DiResta

as John DiResta

John DiResta stars in "DiResta," an appealing comedy based on his life as a New York City transit cop and family man.

For the last twelve years DiResta has walked the beat as a New York City subway cop. Five years ago he began relating his experiences, the "Tales of the Underground," in comedy clubs all over New York. That act introduced audiences to DiResta's "white trash" family on Long Island, his "clients" in the subways of New York City, his civil service job and his wife, three children and in-laws in Rockaway Beach, Queens.

In November 1996, DiResta opened a one-man, off-Broadway show "BEAT, A Subway Cop's Comedy," based on both his job as a transit cop and his eclectic family life. The show was a hit and by January 1997, DiResta was in discussions with various television networks regarding a potential development deal. He ultimately signed with Paramount and UPN to develop a sitcom based on his life. He also signed a book deal with Hyperion Press and expects his first book, a collection of his comedy musings, to hit the shelves in spring of 1999.

DiResta has appeared on "Law and Order" playing a New York detective. He'll soon be featured in Sidney Lumet's "Gloria," with Sharon Stone, playing a cop. DiResta will also be in the upcoming "Mickey Blue Eyes" with Hugh Grant, again playing a cop. In the soon-to-be-released independent film "Hit and Runway," DiResta plays, not a cop for once, but the dumb brother-in-law.

Recently DiResta relocated with his wife, Fran, and their three children to Studio City, California. Each of their children, Matthew, 8, Sabrina, 7, and Shannon, 5, would like to be on "DiResta." "Oh yeah, they all want to be on," says DiResta. "My own kids are pitching me."

DiResta is happy about the move out west. "You know, we're all doing great out here. There were a lot of dark days being a cop and not having any money. I came out here to do something I love and with a deal in place so I don't have to live in my car like a lot of comics do," says DiResta. "And my dressing room on the Paramount lot used to be Sherman Hemsley's so I've got to be moving on up."


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