UPN - Deadly Games

Production Information

Airday & Time: Tuesday, 8:00-9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Premiere: Fall 1995
Origination: Los Angeles, CA
Format: What if fantasy suddenly, inexplicably became reality? In the new science fiction action-adventure series Deadly Games, Dr. Gus Lloyd -- aided by his lab assistant Peter and ex-wife Lauren -- is forced to do battle with his own evil creations when characters in a homemade video game come to life.
Starring: Cynthia Gibb as Lauren Ashbome
James Calvert as Dr. Gus Lloyd
Stephen T. Kay as Peter Rucker
and Christopher Lloyd as Sebastian Jackal
Creator/Executive Producer: Paul Bernbaum
Executive Producer: Leonard Nimoy
Supervising Producer: Jack Bernstein
Produced By: Don Gold
Production Company: Viacom Productions


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