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[Stephen T. Kay]

Stephen T. Kay

DB: 7/8 Morriston, NJ

Stephen T. Kay stars as Peter Rucker, the lab assistant forced to help do battle with an army of quirky video game super-villains come to life, in Deadly Games, a new science fiction action-adventure series from Viacom Productions for broadcast on UPN.

Kay, who currently stars in a series of popular Bud Light Beer commercials, has had recurring roles on the daytime dramas General Hospital, One Life to Live and Loving, and has guest starred in such series as Quantum Leap, thirtysomething and Murder She Wrote.

His feature film credits include "Lethal Weapon 3," among others.

On stage, Kay has been seen in a number of Off-Broadway productions, including "Noumenal Recovery," "The Woods," "Delirious," "Killer's Head" and "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?"

His regional theater work includes roles in "Only Kidding," with Daniel J. Travanti, "Ad Wars" with Ed Begley Jr., Eugene O'Neill's "Sea Plays," "Baby with the Bath Water" and "Titus Andronicus."

Kay is a native of Morristown, New Jersey and a graduate of Brown University.

Deadly Games is produced by Viacom Productions for broadcast on UPN.


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