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[Cynthia Gibb]

Cynthia Gibb

BD: 12/14 Bennington, VT

Cynthia Gibb stars as Lauren Ashborne, the journalist and would-be bride forced to put getting-on-with-her-life on hold when her ex-husband's video game villains come to life, in Deadly Games, a new science fiction action-adventure series from Viacom Productions for broadcast on UPN.

Well-known to viewers of both television and feature film, Gibb most recently starred opposite Dabney Coleman in the NBC series Madman of the People. She has starred in a long list of television movies. In 1994, she portrayed Gypsy Rose Lee to Bette Midler's Marna Rose in CBS' version of the classic musical Gypsy. She also recreated '70s pop singer Karen Carpenter's battle with anorexia nervosa in The Karen Carpenter Story, and starred in Fatal Vows, Sin and Redemption, Graceland and Twist of a Knife, with Dick Van Dyke. She was also a regular on the musical series Fame.

Gibb starred in such feature films as "Jack's Back," "Youngblood," "Short Circuit II," "Malone," "Death Warrant" and "Salvador," directed by Oliver Stone.

Her theater work includes roles in "A Shayna Maidel" and "Robbers."

She is a native of Westport, CT.

Deadly Games is produced by Viacom Productions for broadcast on UPN.


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